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Question Manufacturing Date???
Posted by: Super - 01-31-2023, 09:37 PM - Forum: Takara/TOMY/Plarail/Tomica world - Replies (2)

Does the sticker inside of a Plarail Engine's shell have anything to do with the date of release. For example this D01 sticker on a DD51 Diesel. I am curious that if this means 2001 the chassis has the old Tomy Logo fro the 60's to the 80's

[Image: IMG-2196.jpg]

[Image: IMG-2194.jpg]

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  Inside an OTT Monorail
Posted by: chrisjo - 01-25-2023, 08:36 AM - Forum: Takara/TOMY/Plarail/Tomica world - Replies (3)

I just thought I'd put this here in case anyone needs to see where all the gears go. This is the insides of the 2013 2-car Tokyo Monorail 2000 type which was a limited edition set sold at Plarail Expo and the like, but I think all the OTT (Over-The-Top) monorails will be the same.

The gearbox casing comes apart very easily, just three screws and a (not glued) plastic clip, but as with all these things, it's easy to have all the innards sprayed all over the place. At least there are no loose springs to come pinging out.

Mine has a split gear for which I have just ordered a replacement, the one indicated by the red arrow. It's got 10 teeth, is 6mm long, and 6mm in diameter, and the shaft is 2mm diameter. The ones I found are longer but I don't expect that to be an issue.

[Image: image.png]

[Image: image.png]  [Image: image.png]  [Image: image.png]

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  Repairing TNA Trains
Posted by: fauxwheeldrive7 - 01-19-2023, 12:15 PM - Forum: Takara/TOMY/Plarail/Tomica world - Replies (15)

Hi everyone, 
I have these 3 TNA Engines which I would love to repair. I have tried getting all 3 to work but I am not as skilled with soldering as I thought nor do I have the time to sit down with them for a few hours. Would anyone here be willing to fix them on commission? 
I have the following:
TNA (Japanese) Plarail Henry
TNA (American?) MRR James
TNA (British) MRR Thomas

I've attached a photo of the 3. They have all their pieces aside from some bad connectors which broke off due to corrosion. 
If anyone is interested in doing the commission and has an offer or knows anyone they could refer me to, or just any suggestions overall, anything is appreciated. 
Thanks for reading, 
[Image: Full-Size-Render.jpg]

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  need help identifying the station
Posted by: leylandvictory2 - 01-07-2023, 10:22 AM - Forum: Takara/TOMY/Plarail/Tomica world - Replies (6)

Does anybody know the name of the big station that appeared in the first 3 seconds of this youtube video?  i tried to search online but couldn't find anything.  Thanks in advance

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  Sodor quarry loader problem
Posted by: MarvellousSideRods - 12-28-2022, 12:18 PM - Forum: Takara/TOMY/Plarail/Tomica world - Replies (14)

Hi everyone!
Does anybody have this problem with sodor quarry loader that it gets stuck every time? Is there way to solve this problem?

Ps. Sorry for my bad language because I'm not native speaker.

King regards,


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  Rare Tomy lor 1
Posted by: MarvellousSideRods - 12-22-2022, 08:46 AM - Forum: Takara/TOMY/Plarail/Tomica world - Replies (1)

I have found 5 - 2005 motorized horrid lorry. Once I heard that they are kind of rare so I want to re-dell it because on my local website one costs only 10$
Is it even rare or is it profitable?

PS. Sorry for my bad language because I'm not native speaker.

King regards,


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  Turntable special piece
Posted by: MarvellousSideRods - 12-22-2022, 08:42 AM - Forum: Takara/TOMY/Plarail/Tomica world - Replies (5)

Hi all!

Quick question. Do you know how that track with special joint shape is called? Is there any way to buy them without whole set?

King regards!

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Lightbulb The story of
Posted by: Donald9Douglas10Oliver11mp - 12-18-2022, 08:17 AM - Forum: Takara/TOMY/Plarail/Tomica world - Replies (3)

I'll be making posts to inform about different subjects . As a note some pictures will be taken by me, but in case I don't have an example, I'll use sites such as the Thomas motorized wiki and Hornby guide.

The troublesome trucks
Only up to 2005

[Image: DSC-1045.jpg]

1.Regular Trucks
The trucks first appeared in the show in season 1. When you consider that the Tomy Thomas range started in 1992 , you may expect that the first trucks appeared in 1992 or maybe 1993, but no... The firs troublesome trucks appeared in 1996 ). 
The firs trucks were the troublesome van and the laughing truck

[Image: DSC-1049.jpg]

[Image: DSC-1055.jpg]

These appeared both in the Thomas the Tank Engine and Freight Cars Set  ( )
and also with Edward )
In 1997 ) we got two more trucks: the sad faced one and also S.C. Ruffey and Toad.

[Image: DSC-1054.jpg]

[Image: DSC-1058.jpg]

The sad one appeared with Toby ) and S.C. Ruffey and Toad were sold with Duck ( ).
In 1998 ) The angry, happy and shocked faced trucks were added. 

[Image: DSC-1048.jpg]

[Image: DSC-1051.jpg]

[Image: DSC-1053.jpg]

The angry one and the happy one were sold in a 4 pack with Donald 
( ) and the shocked one was sold with Boco ).

Toad and S. C. Ruffey made another appearance in The Thomas Giant Set ).

In 1999 ( ) The last open truck was released, the mischievous one. It was sold with Stepney ( )

[Image: DSC-1052.jpg]

Ben was also sold with sad and happy trucks ( ) and the laughing truck and troublesome van appeared in the Thomas the tank engine set ) and in the Thomas the tank engine and freight cars set ).
The angry, happy, shocked and mischievous ones were sold in the amazing Thomas and Cranky the crane train set ).

Skipping 2000 (we'll come back to it in the variation section) we find the last classic truck, this being the troublesome tanker, in 2001 ( ). It was exclusive to the Thomas and Freight Cars Set ).

[Image: DSC-1057.jpg]

In 2001 the talk 'n' action Toby was released, and just like the regular Toby, he came with a sad truck ).


In the year 2000 ( ) we got 4 variants: The gold sad and happy trucks that came with Diesel 10 ( ) and the purple laughing and mischievous, which were sold with Lady ( ).

[Image: Motor-Roadand-Rail-Diesel10.webp]

[Image: Motor-Roadand-Rail-Lady.webp]

In 2001 ( ) in the Thomas and Freight Cars Set we got a red happy truck, a brown sad truckan angry green one and also the rebuilt S. C. Ruffey 
[Image: DSC-1060.jpg]

[Image: DSC-1064.jpg]

[Image: DSC-1065.jpg]

[Image: DSC-1066.jpg]

In 2002 ( ) in the Thomas and Terence Deluxe Action Set ) the 
10T (M truck) with happy face appeared.

[Image: DSC-1059.jpg]

In 2003 ( ) the black happy and laughing trucks got released with Salty.

[Image: DSC-1061.jpg]

[Image: DSC-1063.jpg]
A red happy trucka brown sad truckan angry green one and also the rebuilt S. C. Ruffey appeared in the Diesel, Freight Wagons and Cargo ( )

In 2004 ) the black trucks were now also sold in the Salty value pack ) and in the Thomas ultimate set ). This set also featured the rebuilt S. C. Ruffey.

3.Regular truck releases after 2001

In 2003 ) the troublesome van was now being sold with Edward ), Henry ) and James ). The happy truck was sold with Henry and in the Thomas Holiday set ) and the angry one with Edward. 

In 2004 ) the sad truck got sold with Murdoch ) and in the Toby value pack ). The happy and I believe the shocked trucks got sold in the Bill and Ben harbor friends set ). Finally Toad, The troublesome van and S. C. Ruffey were now being individually sold.

In 2005 ) the mischievous truck got sold with Lady and Stepney in a 2 pack and the same for the sad one, just with Diesel 10 and Ben and also in the regular pack with Arthur ) and a troublesome van. The angry and happy trucks appeared in the calling all engines set )(Even if on the back of the box you can see two 10T (M truck) with happy face). The mischievous and sad trucks now appeared in the Thomas giant set with the bonus spiral ). The sad one was now being sold in the Sodor expansion set ). S. C. Ruffey was also sold in a two pack with Duck.

That's all for now. I'll soon start on a part 2, also let me know if you find any other releases that I missed, so I can add them.

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  The Plarail Minecart
Posted by: chrisjo - 12-15-2022, 09:06 PM - Forum: Takara/TOMY/Plarail/Tomica world - Replies (1)

Anxiously waiting for any news of Plarail releases in 2023, with nothing announced so far.

Meanwhile, I just came across a small piece released back in October that might just about be classified as Plarail on a slow day, and which seems to have escaped everyone's attention.

Take a look at this set, the Ania Safari Zoo.

[Image: image.png]

It contains an item that they're calling a "minecart" トロッコ; on the box art image it's bottom left of the playmat.  The advertising for the set includes these two images:

[Image: image.png]

As you can see, the second of them shows the minecart running on rails, and connected to the back of a KF-03 Animal Transport Wagon.

The text on the second image reads:

"The Minecart
It can connect to Plarail!
(It may not run well, depending on the Ania you put on it, and the layout)
Let's play with Tomica!"

[Image: image.png]

Somehow I don't see myself struggling too hard to add this to my collection!

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Question Trains that 'chug'
Posted by: darthsylly - 12-15-2022, 09:46 AM - Forum: Takara/TOMY/Plarail/Tomica world - Replies (20)

Hi all,

First time poster! My son and I have enjoyed starting with TM2, going back to the Tomy trains and now Plarail.

I've noticed some of the trains seem to 'chug' and not run very smoothly. At first I thought this was just an issue with second-hand toys being dirty, but recently I bought one of the ES-08 C12 locomotives brand new with the carriage and it 'chugged' straight out of the box.

Here's a short video of what I mean:

Is this normal? Did I receive a dud? Can it be fixed? Should I return it to Amazon?

Thanks for your thoughts and help

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