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  Plarail 3-way Automatic Point Rail
Posted by: chrisjo - 11 hours ago - Forum: Takara/TOMY/Plarail/Tomica world - Replies (5)

In light of recent discussion in another place, I've just put together this little item.

The original 3-way Automatic Point Rail has been around since 1978, when it was released in its own Automatic Point Set along with the 583 series Sleeper Limited Express.

[Image: Eu7-AKev-Vo-As-Jdt-G.jpg]  [Image: i-img600x400-1615718026mjmcb3101375.jpg]  [Image: i-img600x400-1615718026knn62z101375.jpg]

The first catalogue illustration I can find showing it as an individual item is from 1981. You can see the distinct hump-back configuration.

[Image: 1981-cat.png]

It's possibly more familiar to those of us in Europe and the Americas in its 1987 dark blue Tomy Trains form, which had a differently shaped sliding actuator to match the different configuration of the Tomy Train engines, and which had the auto/manual slide knob labelled in English.

[Image: 1337-mine.jpg]

At some stage there was a modification of the old humped J-16 which involved the shape of the slot in which the actuator slides from the simple shape of the first release to the shape required by the Tomy Train actuator. I'm speculating that this change wasn't made to accommodate any change in the Plarail actuator, it must just have been made so that the Tomy Train and Plarail versions used a common mould, and for that reason would have been about 1987. At the same time the notation beside the auto/manual slide knob was changed from Japanese to English.

[Image: m24349998774-1.jpg]

In 1992 when numbering of rail and scene parts was introduced, it became R-16.

[Image: 1992-03.jpg]

At some point between then and now, the configuration of R-16 changed from the hump-backed form to the current flat form. At the same time the slot reverted to a simpler shape and the flanges beneath the male and female connectors were removed.

There are also some minor differences in the internal mechanism:

Finding the date of introduction of the new flat form is made more difficult because online retailers continue to use images of the first old one with the original slot right up to the present day. The first Plarail catalogue to illustrate R-16 with a picture of the new one is the 2012-13 edition.
[Image: 2012-13.jpg]

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  My temporary layout
Posted by: Plarail Man UK - 10-02-2022, 10:25 PM - Forum: Takara/TOMY/Plarail/Tomica world - Replies (2)

So, where's the awesome developed main layout my new bedroom was supposed to have?

Well, a long chain of annoying and unfortunately nessecary delays, along with work, University and some recent health issues making me too tired to do anything of any substance has pretty much nixed development on that for the foreseeable future :/

But if you thought that would stop me from making a couple of temporary lounge circles when I felt like it, then you're wrong ;)

The last couple were built for a cousin's little boy, when he came over, and I'm pleased to report we have a new Plarail and classic-era Thomas (no AEG here :D) convert lol 🤣 PlarailMan Jr. perhaps?

Maybe a little young to jump on BPT yet, but he's getting a nice little selection of Plarail Thomas from 'Uncle Plarail' this year for Christmas :)(incidentally, his dad was very impressed to hear that what he knew as Tomica World was very much alive and well, with an extensive collectors community)

But, for privacy's sake (and the fact I couldn't part him from the layouts long enough to get clean pictures) I can't really post pictures of those layouts on here.

But the one I built today in my lounge, for me exclusive ly? Let's go! I decided on classic Japanese stock for today, so steam, classic electric and the 100 Series 'shark-nose' Shinkansen.

[Image: IMG-20221002-WA0000.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20221002-WA0003.jpg]

[Image: IMG20221002121132.jpg]

[Image: IMG20221002121153.jpg]

[Image: IMG20221002121214.jpg]

[Image: IMG20221002121245.jpg]

[Image: IMG20221002121258.jpg]

[Image: IMG20221002121315.jpg]

[Image: IMG20221002121323.jpg]

Incidentally, while I'm here, let's talk about the Southward containers from AliExpress - These are absolutely superb!

Take that for what it's worth, because of course they aren't exactly TOMY quality, but for the price point and the level of detailing, plus giving the option for using Western/European style shipping containers on a Plarail layout as a nice alternative to the stock JR style containers that TOMY make, they're brilliant.

No issues with the running either, the wheels turn smoothly and they get around bends and under tunnels and pillars with no trouble at all - If it wasn't for the slightly cheaper feeling plastic, you could truly convince me these were a TOMY design, as evidently Southward have done their homework to make these generally Plarail compatible.

Finally, I think they make a great partner to the Plarail EF66 especially, as the EF66 design was exported to Spain to run with RENFE (Spanish National Railways), where it would have hauled, you guessed it, European style containers!

Maybe there's a neat idea for any of you customisers out there, converting an EF66 to a RENFE 251 Series, with a train of Southward containers for the most authentic rolling stock :)

[Image: RENFE-251-004-24547003059.jpg]

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  Plarail English talking engines
Posted by: MarvellousSideRods - 10-01-2022, 08:31 AM - Forum: Takara/TOMY/Plarail/Tomica world - Replies (3)

Is there any plarail talking engines that speaks English except talk'n'action ones?

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  English or Japanese?
Posted by: AOF04 - 09-30-2022, 05:50 AM - Forum: Takara/TOMY/Plarail/Tomica world - Replies (1)

I have been thinking lately about why Plarail produced trains for the Japanese Market with English on them.
Now you might say that it is because on the TV shows they have English on the engines so you have to produce them with the English so kids can Identify them.
I like this way of thinking, but what about Hiro?  He was a Japanese engine who was shipped over to Sodor to work the railway.
Should he at least have his name in Japanese on there?
Doesn't a Japanese produced toy made for the Japanese market and of a Japanese engine at least get he right to have his name in Japanese on the engine, even if the English is there also?

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Exclamation Back and Go Thomas discovery
Posted by: Donald9Douglas10Oliver11mp - 09-29-2022, 03:48 AM - Forum: Takara/TOMY/Plarail/Tomica world - Replies (2)


The Back & Go Thomas and The talk 'n' action Thomas. You may be wondering what these two have in common. But first a little bit of history on both:

1.The Back & Go Thomas was exclusive to the 2011 set, Back and Go! Thomas Misty Island Set. While the original prototype featured a updated face, the final one had an original molded one.

2.The talk 'n' action Thomas was first released in 2000 (Japan) and featured in a few sets.

Now back to how I made the discovery

This morning I was just looking through some tomy items on eBay. On of these was a TNA Thomas, and I noticed something about it, that I never noticed before, the coal was lifted. At first II thought it was interesting as my back and go Thomas also had raised coal, and then it hit me (no, the back & go Thomas didn't fall of the shelf and hit me in the head).But before I could be sure that my theory was true I needed to check the back & go Thomas' shell.

I remembered something about it since I first put in a battery, in the top of the body, a small circular shape could be spotted.

[Image: DSC-0646.jpg]             
[Image: DSC-0655.jpg]


a quick check with my TNA Toby showed that the speaker could fit in it (PS: I don't own a TNA Thomas, but if someone could provide images of the inside of the body, that would be great!). I then tried looking for more clues, and then, I spotted something else(I always thought that the fact that the switch hole was much shorter than on other engines). I noticed the part where the mold had been changed for this Thomas, and when compared to the TNA Toby switch hole it was clear that before the mold change they would have been the same size.

[Image: DSC-0647.jpg]

[Image: DSC-0650.jpg]

This confirms to me at least 99.99% that the body is used from the TNA Thomas, just modified

As a quick side note here's the way the direction changes are done:
[Image: DSC-0656.jpg]

[Image: DSC-0657.jpg]

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  Motorized Car Road Track
Posted by: bob1217 - 09-16-2022, 04:45 PM - Forum: Takara/TOMY/Plarail/Tomica world - Replies (2)

I have found numerous sources for blue train track but am looking for a source for the grey road track for the motorized vehicles.  Any help would be appreciated.  I am a new member here and just starting to get into this new hobby. I am already hooked.

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  Christmas is Coming
Posted by: chrisjo - 09-06-2022, 12:33 AM - Forum: Takara/TOMY/Plarail/Tomica world - Replies (3)

Tomica Town Christmas DX Set with Santa Claus & Reindeer Bus

Who could resist a Scary Santa Pla-kid?

[Image: image.png] [Image: image.png] [Image: image.png]

[Image: image.png] [Image: image.png]

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Question Where does one buy good plarail/trackmaster items at good price
Posted by: Ronnhaha - 09-05-2022, 01:31 AM - Forum: Takara/TOMY/Plarail/Tomica world - Replies (10)

im new to this whole plarail collecting shindig, and just wanted to ask around and thought this forum would be helpful, where does one find the best prices for plarail/trackmaster on the market besides ebay and its gut wrenching prices.

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  Plarail Taiwan Illustrated List
Posted by: chrisjo - 09-02-2022, 07:34 PM - Forum: Takara/TOMY/Plarail/Tomica world - Replies (3)

A listing of Taiwan limited release Plarail.

Most of the text on the boxes is in Traditional Chinese. In most cases the characters are the same as those used in Japan, but there are some differences between Japanese (Kanji) and the Chinese (Hanzi) characters used in Taiwan. Simplified Japanese kana (Hiragana – ひらがな, and Katakana – カタカナ) are generally not used except for the logos – e.g. Plarail プラレール. One obvious difference is that on Japanese boxes ‘set’ is セット - ‘setto’, whereas on these it is 組 – ‘zǔ’.

Most boxes carry an English name and a Taiwan Chinese name, but in many examples one is not a translation of the other. Sometimes the Taiwanese name on one product can be the same as the English name on a different product, which can make things a bit confusing. So for each one I have given three names, the English, the Chinese characters, and a translation of the Chinese into English.

Items are listed in chronological order of release. A few items might possibly have been released one or two months earlier than the dates given, but I think they are pretty much correct.

Five different trains are represented, these will be described very briefly as they appear in the list.

(no English name)
TW-01 700T 台灣高鐵列車
TW-01 700T Taiwan High Speed Rail Train
Release date: June 2007.

The Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) 700T is based on the 700 Series Shinkansen, with the "T" referring to Taiwan. The trains were manufactured in Japan by Kawasaki, Nippon Sharyo, and Hitachi, and were the first Japanese Shinkansen trains to be exported. The TSHR came into service on January 5th 2007 and is still in service.

The numbering suggests that Tomy were planning a TW-series of Taiwanese models, but TW-01 is as far as it ever got. The Plarail 700 srs Shinkansen of the same era is shown for comparison.

[Image: TW-01-001a.jpg]

[Image: TW-01-001b.jpg] [Image: TW-01-001c.jpg] [Image: TW-01-001d.jpg]

Taiwan High Speed Rail Basic Set
Release date: June 2007.

It’s certainly ‘basic’; just the lead and middle cars, a small oval, a few trees and a signal. Nice palm trees though.

[Image: 700-T-BASIC-002a.jpg] [Image: 700-T-BASIC-002b.jpg] [Image: 700-T-BASIC-002c.jpg]

Taiwan High Speed Rail Super Train Set
Release date: June 2007.

The Pla-kids are the same as those in the 500 Series Basic Set (2003).

Taiwan High Speed Rail Super Attendant Train Set
Release date: November 2009.

Another 700T set, this one with the same layout as the N700 Series Basic Set (2007). The Pla-kid is the Attendant from the Chinese name of the set.

[Image: 700-T-DX-START-004a.jpg] [Image: 700-T-DX-START-004b.jpg] [Image: 700-T-DX-START-004c.jpg]

High-Speed Rail Round-The-Island Tour Set
Release date: November 2009.

A combined Plarail / Tomica package, with Plarail branding on one side of the box and Tomica branding on the other. You get a Tomica Mitsubishi Aero Queen THSR shuttle bus and a female Pla-kid attendant in the same uniform as the one in the DX Starter Set.

[Image: 700-T-DX-TOUR-005a.jpg] [Image: 700-T-DX-TOUR-005b.jpg]

[Image: 700-T-DX-TOUR-005c.jpg] [Image: 700-T-DX-TOUR-005d.jpg]

Taiwan Railway Taroko Super Set
Release date: August 2011, re-issued April 2013.

The Taroko Express is a TEMU1000 tilting EMU. It is based on the JR Kyushu 885 (White Sonic etc.) and came into service in 2007.

This has the same layout as the Taiwan 700T Super Set, but with just one Pla-kid this time.

There are two different boxes. The original 2011 set contains a train conductor Pla-kid that’s almost the same as the one that comes with the J-27 Pla-kids crossing except that he has gold buttons, not yellow. The 2013 re-issue contains a re-purposed Mr Magoguchi, the 30-year working veteran driver of the S-53 C57 Unit 1 SL Yamaguchi.

[Image: TAROKO-SUPER-A-006a.jpg] [Image: TAROKO-SUPER-A-006b.jpg] [Image: TAROKO-SUPER-A-006c.jpg]

[Image: TAROKO-SUPER-B-006a.jpg] [Image: TAROKO-SUPER-B-006b.jpg] [Image: TAROKO-SUPER-B-006c.jpg]

[Image: TAROKO-SUPER-x-006d.jpg] [Image: TAROKO-SUPER-x-006e.jpg]

Thanks to Zhu Junbin, admin of the Tomy Plarail(Taiwan) Facebook group, for helping me establish the release date of the re-issue.

Taiwan High Speed Rail Automatic Station Set
Release date: October 2012.

This is based on the E5 Hayabusa & Tomica Rotary Station Set (2011).

[Image: THSR-AUTO-a.jpg] [Image: THSR-AUTO-b.jpg] [Image: THSR-AUTO-E6.jpg]

Takara Tomy video:

Taiwan High Speed Rail Variety Train Set
Release date: January 2013.

This is a re-box of the Basic Rail Set (2009), but with an added THSR 700T and a different station.

[Image: THSR-VAR-a.jpg] [Image: THSR-VAR-b.jpg] [Image: THSR-VAR-c.jpg]

Taiwan High Speed Rail Basic Set
April 2013.

This has the same Chinese name as the 2007 Taiwan 700T Basic Set. It’s another 2-car offering, but with the front and rear cars this time.

[Image: THSR-START-a.jpg] [Image: THSR-START-b.jpg]

Taiwan Railway Taroko Basic Set
Release date: April 2013.

Another 2-car set.

[Image: TAROKO-START-a.jpg] [Image: TAROKO-START-b.jpg]

TEMU1000 & TEMU2000 (but only on the back of the box)
Taiwan Railway Series Taroko and Puyuma Train Set
Release date: November 2013

The Puyuma Express is another Japan-built tilting train this one is called the TEMU2000. It came into service in 2013. Four different Puyama sets were released at the same time.

[Image: TAR-PUY-TWIN-a.jpg]

[Image: TAR-PUY-TWIN-b.jpg] [Image: puyuma-sets-Nov-2013.jpg] [Image: DSC06674.jpg]

[Image: DSC06673.jpg]

Puyama Basic Set
Release date: November 2013

2-car train.

[Image: PUYAMA-START-a.jpg]

Puyuma Level Crossing Set
Release date: November 2013

The layout is the same as Plarail Rail Set B (c.1995).

[Image: PUYAMA-XING-a.jpg] [Image: PUYAMA-XING-b.jpg] [Image: PUYAMA-XING-c.jpg]]

Here’s a link to an early Suzukawa video

Puyuma Super Change Set
Release date: November 2013

[Image: PUYUMA-DX-a.jpg] [Image: PUYUMA-DX-b.jpg]

Taiwan High Speed Rail Fun Train Set
Release date: December 2016

Yet another 2-car version of the THSR 700T.

[Image: THSR-BASIC-a.jpg] [Image: THSR-BASIC-b.jpg]

Taiwan High Speed Rail Creative Track Set
Release date: December 2016

A rather diminished offering when compared with the 2013 THSRC Creativity Set, not really DX at all.

[Image: THSR-DX-VAR-a.jpg] [Image: THSR-DX-VAR-b.jpg]

新太魯閣 Hello Kitty號超級組
New Taroko Hello Kitty Super Set
Release date: January 2017

The Hello Kitty-themed Taroko Express made its inaugural run on March 21, 2016. The train was installed with a total of 376 Hello Kitty headrest covers, but when the train had finished its round trip from Taipei to Taitung, all but 48 of them had disappeared! - as gleefully reported by the mainland China press

[Image: TAROKO-KITTY-a.jpg] [Image: TAROKO-KITTY-b.jpg]

[Image: TAROKO-KITTY-c.jpg] [Image: TAROKO-KITTY-d.jpg]

機捷百變創意軌道組 < 直達車
Quick And Easy Variety Creative Track Set – Direct Train
Release date: December 2018.

The Taoyuan MRT connects Taipei and Taoyuan Airport. The line opened in March 2017. This train with the purple livery is the 2000-type which operates the "Direct Train" express service.

[Image: METRO-VAR-a.jpg] [Image: METRO-VAR-b.jpg]

機場捷運樂趣組 < 普通車
Airport MRT Fun Set – Ordinary Train
Release date: January 2019

This train with the blue livery is the 1000-type with more seats than the 2000-type. It operates the "Ordinary Train" commuter service which stops at all stations on the line, as shown by the schematic on the back of the box.

The layout is again the same as Rail Set B, but the level crossing is moulded in yellow.

[Image: METRO-BASIC-a.jpg] [Image: METRO-BASIC-b.jpg]

超スピード THSRセット
Super-Speed THSR Set
Taiwan High Speed Train Set
Release date: June 2019

Taiwan version of the Super Speed Doctor Yellow set (March 2018), this one has a name in Japanese, as well as the English, and Chinese. Note that the THSR 700T is a new model using the rear-switch motor chassis.

[Image: THSR-SPEED-a.jpg] [Image: THSR-SPEED-b.jpg] [Image: THSR-SPEED-c.jpg]

[Image: THSR-SPEED-d.jpg]

Taoyuan MRT Double Train Set
Release date: December 2019

[Image: METRO-TWIN-a.jpg]

[Image: METRO-TWIN-b.jpg] [Image: METRO-TWIN-c.jpg] [Image: METRO-TWIN-d.jpg]

Kanahei High-Speed Rail Train Set
Release date: October 2021

Kanahei’s animals are apparently ‘Digital Stickers’, like next-level emojis, and popular with young girls in Japan, Taiwan, and elsewhere. The Kanahei THSR 700T made its first trip on 14th November 2019, dripping with merchandise of course.

The Pla-kid from the 2009 700T DX Starter Set has re-appeared. He’s aged well.

[Image: 700-T-KANAHEI-a.jpg] [Image: 700-T-KANAHEI-b.jpg] [Image: 700-T-KANAHEI-c.webp]

[Image: 700-T-KANAHEI-d.jpg] [Image: 700-T-KANAHEI-e.jpg]

That's all, folks.

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Posted by: The Takara TOMY Man - 09-02-2022, 02:00 PM - Forum: Takara/TOMY/Plarail/Tomica world - Replies (3)

What if during 2004, HiT Toy Company or TOMY made a game on the Nintendo DS where you could build your own TOMY layout, drive trains, play games to unlock new engines?

I tried making a mock-up of what the box art would look like. forgive me if it looks a bit bad, I don't really use my PC for editing.

[Image: d2sbfcm-89ce0f71-cec9-471f-8276-c84763e7a2dd.jpg]

What are your thoughts on this idea?

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