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  Child Guidance/Tomy? 'Mechanical Locomotive'
Posted by: Plarail Man UK - 10 hours ago - Forum: Takara/TOMY/Plarail/Tomica world - No Replies

[Image: image.png]

Trawling Ebay for the last 2 trains i'm looking for, and yeah, found this.

The seller reckons it's Tomy, sold by Child Guidance, and IIRC there were links between Tomy and Child Guidance [pretty sure I read about that on here?]

Anyway, not Plarail, but I guess since it's possible Tomy, it goes under Tomy trains? Might be of interest to someone lol  Big Grin

[Edit - Found this as well, another box variant of the 'My First Plarail'/'My First Train Set' 300 Series - Nothing special here, same set as ever, but just a different box for the records Cool]

[Image: image.png]

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  What paint to use for faces?
Posted by: TheDiamondDalek - Today, 06:04 AM - Forum: Takara/TOMY/Plarail/Tomica world - Replies (2)

I have many engines which I plan to restore but have face chips on them, I tried using apple barrel Dolphin Grey paint which was said to work but it turned out to be a completely different shade, I was wondering if anyone had any idea what paint you would go about using to paint over scratches on the faces of engines

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Thumbs Up Red Rear LED for the New Odakyu Electric Railway 5000 series
Posted by: Super - Yesterday, 11:23 PM - Forum: Takara/TOMY/Plarail/Tomica world - No Replies

This YouTuber has placed the White LED light with a Red one in a second engine, removed a gear so the battery and switch only works the light to use as a Rear Coach for this newly released train.

Seeing the engine opened up I now can see how they got the LED to work with a 1.5 volt AA battery. I don't understand the language but I am assuming that the little circuit board the LED is attached to is a Voltage booster which at least probably jumps it to 3.0 or 4.5 volts. Can anyone confirm what the fellow is saying? Very well done and similar to what I have done with my Train Suite DX Series. Except my rear is still white lights and they are not LED's. Not sure if a red incandescent, 1.5 volt bulb would illuminate those 2 long lenses but its worth a try. Besides, I have several of the Voltage Boosters that I could then use and run an LED. Oh Boy, more projects Big Grin

The opening up starts at the 1:40 minute mark.

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  Seasons greetings Harold banner
Posted by: OwenDino Studios - Yesterday, 11:51 AM - Forum: Takara/TOMY/Plarail/Tomica world - Replies (3)

Hello all!
can someone send clear images of the season’s greetings Harold banner? I wanna recreate the banner with paper.

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  Strange bootleg 'Plarail' on Aliexpress
Posted by: Plarail Man UK - Yesterday, 07:18 AM - Forum: Takara/TOMY/Plarail/Tomica world - Replies (4)

[Image: image.png]

Say hello to the 'Sushi Train' xD

Found this while perusing Aliexpress for some Plarail accessories, and yeah, i'm fairly sure this isn't something Tomy have any involvement with lol  Big Grin

I suppose this is meant to be like a home version of those 'conveyor sushi' chains like Yo Sushi! here in the UK, and they decided to achieve that with knockoff Plarail and a seemingly unique 'Plarail' scaled model of the Chinese 'CRH' bullet trains [which if I recall were themselves either copied heavily from the E2 Series Shinkansen blueprints, or built from the E2 by Kawasaki HI?]

Anyway, thought i'd post it here because it made me chuckle, certainly a bit unusual that's for sure  Wink

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  Wow! Our Tomica and Plarail Town VHS [プラレール/Tomica World Japanese promotional VHS]
Posted by: Plarail Man UK - 05-11-2021, 02:28 AM - Forum: Takara/TOMY/Plarail/Tomica world - Replies (11)

[Image: DSC-0001.jpg]

Ok guys, as i've been promising for several months in my main thread [], here is a full transfer of my Japanese Plarail/Tomica World VHS. The full title, per the tape label, is 'Wow! Our Tomica and Plarail Town' - Thanks to Vio for pointing this out, since I don't read Japanese all that well Tongue

[Note - Because of YouTube's asinine copyright policies, I thought I had to edit stock music over any apperance of the Thomas the Tank Engine theme, but as the copyright claim only applies to Syria, Iran, North Korea and Cuba, it doesn't make any difference for us here on BPT]

Anyone who wants a copy of the entire film, here's a link for the entire unedited film as a download from my Google Drive;

A few interesting pointers from this tape;

1] It's from 1999 [there's a 1999 copyright on the Thomas segment, the 700 Series is prominently featured as a new model, and a segment about Plarail's 40th anniversary is on there too]

2] It seems to contain a good proportion of the components and trains exported as 'Tomica World', albeit mostly in their Japanese configurations.

3] Some of the trains shown [including the Hitachi Fresh Express, Eurostar and TGV] are run with 4 coaches as opposed to 3, I'm not sure if this is how they were sold in Japan, or just for the video.

[Image: image.png]

[Image: image.png]

[Image: image.png]

4] There appear to be 2 variants of the 'TGV Station'/'Shinkansen Station' Plarail/Motor Tomica accessory, so there was the Shinkansen/TGV version that's fairly well known and another version shown in the video that appears to be a special edition 'Yurikamome Line' version [this being a rapid-transit system in Tokyo], where the roof canopy is designed to look like a Yurikamome Line station, and the train itself is a special 2-car model of the Yurikamome sets [incidentally, these aren't heavy-rail trains per-se, but Mitsubishi 'Crystal Mover' people movers like that at an airport].

[Image: image.png]
[Plarail/Tomica Yurikamome Station]

[Image: image.png]

[Image: image.png]
[Plarail Yurikamome 7000 Series, 2-car]

[Image: image.png]
[Yurikamome 7000 Series/Crystal Mover]

[Image: image.png]
[Aomi Station, Yurikamome Line]

5] 'Tomica R/C' which appear to be Motor Tomica/Tomica World motorised models but with R/C capabilities added [which sounds like something kinda useful for larger layouts?]

[Image: image.png]

6] There's a battery operated version of the 'traffic light' accessory released for Tomica World that operates automatically via a 'magic eye' beam sensor, which could either be an actual Japanese product, or possibly an unreleased prototype [I've not seen it anywhere aside from this video]

[Image: image.png]

7] 'Baby Plarail'/'My First Plarail', which was exported later as the 'My First Train Set' by Tomy, albeit with any reference to Plarail or Tomica World absent from the box. All the models appear, as with regular Plarail to be based on actual Japanese models, and looking on Google, it appears the first export version came with what I think is a 700 Series [although I also think it could be a 300 Series] in it's correct livery [later models seemed to be a generic sky-blue colour]

[Image: image.png]
[Original set]

[Image: image.png]
[Current set]

[Image: image.png]
[Left to right; 500 Series Shinkansen, Narita Express Mk1/253 Series, 300/700 Series Shinkansen, 400 Series Shinkansen]

8] Video footage of special sets like the Doraemon set, Pokemon set etc.

9] Hikarian, which wasn't a part of Plarail per-se, but was kind of similar in concept to today's Shinkalion line - Train models that convert to robots; Both made by Tomy of course. This had an anime tied in, and some brief clips appear here. 

So there we go, let me know what you guys think, and keep an eye out on my main thread for some more updates soon [or at least, as soon as my Mr Motorman, Fresh Express, Tobu Spacia, 400 Series and C62 loco arrive]

Peace out, and happy viewing!

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  Whats This??? Kimetsu no Yaiba Infinite Train Demon Slayer and Sadako
Posted by: Super - 05-10-2021, 07:23 PM - Forum: Takara/TOMY/Plarail/Tomica world - Replies (8)

Kimetsu no Yaiba Infinite Train Demon Slayer and Sadako

Whats this some new collaboration train? Anyone read this Ad? I am very happy to see a set with % new Plakids...when was the last time that happened? Not much new with the C-12 engine except for the signage on front for all I can see (what does it say) but I do love that coach which looks to be lighted with glass glazing and a proper sized silhouette of the passengers inside. I am not to fond of the bars on the roof for the Plakids to stand but wouldn't be that bad running without the kids on there. I can see this coach to be very sought after as a train would look great running the rails with four of these in tow.

Can anyone make out if this is a limited promotional giveaway or general sale? Anymore information?  I am excited for it Big Grin

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Posted by: NorthRailsYT - 05-10-2021, 07:04 AM - Forum: Takara/TOMY/Plarail/Tomica world - Replies (2)

I own a item that to my knowledge I am the only one who owns it. It is a capsule plarail Dunbar from the show chuggington. I Cannot find a picture and will take one soon.

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  Anyone know where I could find Talk n action British Percy?
Posted by: OwenDino Studios - 05-06-2021, 06:52 AM - Forum: Takara/TOMY/Plarail/Tomica world - Replies (5)

Does anyone know where I could find talk n action British Percy? I have been looking for years, and still cannot find one. Also please send it in private messages.

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  Does Restoring an Item Ruin its Value?
Posted by: TheDiamondDalek - 05-04-2021, 10:58 AM - Forum: Takara/TOMY/Plarail/Tomica world - Replies (5)

So I recently came into possession of a couple of items that need restoration, one of these is the considerably rare Talk N Action Gordon, I was wondering however, that if I were to fix these items and restore them to how they would have originally looked, would this affect the resale value? I plan on reselling some of them to start to make my own money and get a steady income by selling some for quite cheap prices, e.g TOMY Molly without tender for £3, let me know if it does affect the value or not, I would find the information very helpful!

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