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RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - Super - 08-13-2018

Lexi No More...Introducing Old 21

Lexi is completely revamped to run on Tomy or original Trackmaster rails. Her new chassis sports a middle wheel and Plarail Steamer wheels. Would you believe that the custom headlight is only a 1.5 volt? Pretty darn bright if you ask me. I had to use my new Multimeter to figure out where on the train was a place to connect 1.5volts because the Trackmaster II's use 2 AAA battery's. The oil & water Tender was customized using a Trackmaster flatbed and I think it looks much better than the stubby one that came with Lexi. Her chassis was also modified to run on Tomy and original Trackmaster rails however because the activation tab is now removed she doesn't work on the Plarail Transfer Stations of the Auto Switches. There is also one other problem and I assume because of the slightly bigger Plarail wheels, the bump on the roof of her cab bumps into any 3" riser's when passing underneath but she has no problem with the Subway Tunnels as you can see in the video.

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - kmott - 09-15-2018

(02-21-2016, 06:51 AM)Super Wrote: I have been wanting to install lights into our Shipping Dock building mod for quite some time and I also wanted to try out Ripley802's method of making window glazing so I thought this would be a good time.

First the windows, I really like the look of how Ripley802 made his coach window glazing frosted with the use of clear plastic and matte finish Scotch tape. I like how the matte finish defuses the harshness of the LED light and gives the windows a glow rather than a hard, bright light inside. I used .010 Clear PVC plastic from my Local Hobby Store for the glazing and although placing the matte finish scotch tape over it gave the desired result I just could not prevent any air bubbles from forming under the tape which showed up when light was behind it. I had to figure out a different way. I thought that using 1500 grit water proof wet sanding emery paper I could smooth out the plastic so no air bubbles would form when putting the scotch tape on. What actually occurred was that using the wet sand created the desired milky finish without the tape and the chance of air bubbles. The result was a perfect light diffuser and looks great, at least I think so.

For the lighting I used two strips of self stick LED strips with a switch installed on the side of the building and powered buy an attached 9volt battery holder installed under the dock deck. Originally I had a flashing yellow LED at the top of each chimney to simulate fire in the furnaces below but I didn't know that when you install a flashing LED it can make all the LED's flash so the lights inside the building flashed too so I removed them. I also planned on outside lighting for the dock but I don't like using LED's out there because they are too bright and running my normally 1.5 volt incandescent lights would be more wiring, another switch and battery pack so I ditched that idea. The light from the windows does a fair job of illuminating the Dock I guess. Lastly the color of the plastic building did a fair job of blocking the light from the light inside but some did translucently filter through so I gave the inside of the building a coat of flat black to stop it. Worked perfectly. I like how the light glows without showing whats on the inside. Shout out to Ripley802, Ucwepn and Tramp for the ideas of glazing. Can't wait to try the glazing and lighting on some coaches.

[Image: 009_zpselgrubix.jpg]

[Image: 032_zpsvyj3slmv.jpg]

[Image: 019_zpspxnqp7vl.jpg]

[Image: 001_zpsvekfqosk.jpg]

Hi Super, I noticed in a lot of your layouts (all awesome BTW) you have a lot of scenery, crates, barrels, etc.  you may have said somewhere, but are these just your 'run of the mill' HO scale scenery parts?

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - Super - 09-15-2018

Yes! and in some cases 'O' Scale to come closer to the PlaKids.

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - kmott - 09-26-2018

(07-15-2014, 04:36 AM)Super Wrote:
You Deserve a Break Today

Is this not the most recognizable sign in the world? No matter what you think of the food, everyone has heard of McDonalds including the folks in Caiden Town. Here we have the worlds first McDonalds Drive Thru for trains open 24 hours.

All lighting was taken care of with LED, self stick strips (nine lights each) using a 9 volt battery with switch located on the train platform under the big sign. All wiring is completely hidden including the 9 volt batter holder under the platform. Original Japanese stickers removed and replaced with many new stickers and decals relating to restaurants and food.. Like most McDonalds this one is very busy and if you look closely you can see the Ice Cream Lady selling goodies from her McDonald cart. I have 2 other of the tall McDonald signs and I am going to experiment with installing an LED light inside of it in hopes that it will light up. I am not so sure the red plastic is translucent enough though. I think it turned out well. Grandson has not seen the finished product with lighting as he is on vacation this week. Hope he likes it, how about you guys?

Would you like to "Super Size" your order?

[Image: 100_zps48b42234.jpg]

[Image: 101_zpsd787db54.jpg]

[Image: 102_zps4287d2cb.jpg]

[Image: 103_zpsb8890c72.jpg]

[Image: 300_zps8073c008.jpg]

[Image: 200_zps75b222be.jpg]

[Image: 201_zpse682a68a.jpg]

[Image: 202_zpsdc35ed7d.jpg]

[Image: 203_zps35b104dc.jpg]

[Image: 301_zpscb5d0f2d.jpg]
OK Super,
I am so inspired by this custom that I ordered one of these on ebay.  I haven't put the stickers on it yet.  I just cant.  Maybe ill take a poll of what to 'brand' this.  I thought maybe it would be an Amtrak station.  I could add a bunch of Amtrak decals.  But I thought I would ping BPT and get suggestions and challenges!?

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - Muddy Poppins - 09-26-2018


RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - Off The Rails - 09-26-2018

Yeah, I’ve always thought that was a cool custom! I’m hoping to see a new version of the Caiden Town railroad one day with all these great custom buildings and those Miller Engineering signs.

(Hint Hint) *AHEM*

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - Super - 09-27-2018

This reminds me that I wanted to experiment with a new alteration/modification of this McDonalds.

Here is a picture of the new Layout Big Grin

[Image: 001.jpg]

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - Off The Rails - 09-27-2018

(09-27-2018, 01:14 AM)Super Wrote: Here is a picture of the new Layout Big Grin

Wow, it’s definitely a lot more minimalist this time around! Wink

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - TrainMan2001 - 09-27-2018

I know, right. I didn't even know invisible trains were possible!

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - Super - 09-29-2018

LOL...what? can't see the trains??? Big Grin

I couldn't believe how much dust had accumulated in the 5 plus years of the various stages of the Layout. I literally had to use the Shop-Vac and vacuum each individual piece and soft brushes and vacuum for each scenery piece. And the carpet...whoa. I started with a clean, clear canister on the upright vacuum and in no time it was filling up. I am so glad I have cleaned things up.

You can see in the picture the first 2 tables for a new Layout followed by 2 more. I won't start on the new Layout until I have everything packed away and labeled as if it were for the long term storage. This way when it is time for the final curtain it all will be easily put away...I know...I have an organization problem Blush

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - Super - 11-05-2018

Connecting 2 Plarail Eizan Railway "Hiei" Tourist Train engines together and they now run in either direction. Running on the new Layout Big Grin

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - ripley802 - 11-05-2018

I love the new layout. Very expansive and scenic. :-). Simple but great mod.

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - Super - 11-05-2018

It took me hours to decide on a theme and even more time on how to accessorize it. Big Grin

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - Off The Rails - 11-05-2018

That’s a cool idea and I’m also liking the new backdrop!

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - Super - 12-19-2018

[Image: dancing-chicken.gif][Image: dancing-chicken.gif][Image: dancing-chicken.gif]

Doing the Chicken Dance while riding to the Chicken Ranch

[Image: 003.jpg]

I finally finished out the set of chicken cars (6) I have been working on. These are hard to get in good condition as either one or both of the side drop down panels seem to always be missing or the grey roof is all scratched up. I was going to change the name of the farm on the sides but that proved to be too much work. They look pretty good with those black couplings. Here they are on their way to the Chicken Ranch pulled by the new C-11 Steamer. There they will live happily ever after.

On a sad note, this brings an end to anything I need from Trackmaster in engines or rolling stock which, also puts an end to needing to constantly browse the US Ebay site. There is no longer a need for me for Ebay trains but I do still need just a few things from the Japan Auctions that has proven to be quite hard to find..