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RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - Tharazero1 - 07-31-2020

I think it looks great, fits the Plakids fit in their nicely but most important of all, the shed is almost a perfect size and that beautiful B20 looks amazing in the shed Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - Vio - 07-31-2020

Where did you get this station from? It looks like こうげんの駅!

[Image: DSCN0612.jpg][Image: h194437144-1.jpg][Image: h194437144-2.jpg]

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - Super - 07-31-2020

@Muddy, @Thara, @OTR

No 'Shims' needed as the height of the opening is plenty

That would be a 'Customized Union Pacific Station' of the original that came in the Thomas the Tank Engine Fan & Stanley Set released in 2009 (See picture below)

My second attempt at a 'Customized Station' was the Caidentown Amtrak Station which was originally the J-06 Enoden Station. Both those can be seen here... (scroll down to Post #30) 

[Image: 10095457a2.jpg]

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - Vio - 08-01-2020

That explains it. Thanks! I never knew the station design was also in Thomas theme.
I saw that Polar Express, that is from the movie isn't it?

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - Super - 08-01-2020

Yes, that is my version of the Movie Train, The Polar Express. Using a spare Hiro was an experiment way back then and although I think he turned out ok, there were better choices for the engine. I have already garnered all the engines, parts, materials and ideas in my head that I need to construct a re-make of the engine and tender but the Coaches would stay the same.

[Image: 010-zps9f2916ea.jpg]

[Image: 013-zpsdc4fcf27.jpg]

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - Off The Rails - 08-01-2020

And now I remember why I have a new in box Plarail Hiro! Seeing this reminded me that I had been inspired by seeing this one above to convert it into a Polar Express.

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - Super - 08-01-2020

And a full 4 months to Xmas too! Big Grin

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - Super - 10-08-2020

I always thought the long sloped rails were a good idea but thought them to look odd in a Layout. Mostly because the rails look to be 'Floating' in the air with nothing under it. My first thoughts were to sculpt and paint foam with hot wire tools and make it so there was no need for a pier on the upper end. I have always wanted to take a try at that foam hobby but because it would take time acquiring all the proper sculpting tools and large foam sheets and the time it would take in gaining some experience I opted for something quicker to fill the need before jumping into that.

Made from foam poster board with embossed sheets from Noch glued on. I even made some sides for the elevated rails that creates a tunnel when a rail is run directly under. Until I dive into the foam sculpting these will do. I am also going to create another set using the Granite Block embossed sheets from Noch. Great products but somewhat hard to get here in the States.

Forgive the low quality of the photo's...I have just got to get a new Camera. Dodgy

[Image: DSCN0680.jpg]

[Image: DSCN0683.jpg]

[Image: DSCN0686.jpg]

[Image: DSCN0690.jpg]

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - Off The Rails - 10-08-2020

That’s a great idea! Years ago, my local hobby shops carried lots of embossed sheets and other scenery pieces from Noch, Faller, Brawa and so on but as you said, they’re a lot harder to find in the US nowadays.

I’m struggling with sculpted styrofoam too! Just no time or proper tools to learn at the moment.

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - DalaGStanator - 10-08-2020

How have I never seen anyone do this with Plarail or TrackMaster track before? It makes the sloped track and risers look that much better (and more similar to a few other systems, not to mention real life and Sodor). I do understand adding such supports in the factories would greatly increase the amount of plastic for each slope/riser, but it would've made such a big difference. Maybe another reason was to make them able to climb blankets/pillows/plush/whatever other objects that could pass as "hills". I especially like how the bridge and raised section turned out with the visible walls, and it could also help reduce the amount of risers on one layout if done in a certain way. A bright and inspirational idea.

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - Mister No - 10-08-2020

Great work, Super! It looks stunning, especially with those gray track... and gray everything! Smile
The old slopes had at least those middle built-in pillars, but these new really are "floating". This is sooo much better, it looks fantastic. I was thinking of "closing" the space under the R-18 curved slopes in such a way too...

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - Super - 10-08-2020

I do like gray Big Grin

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - Vio - 10-08-2020

Solid idea and very good choice of colour scheme.

You can try this next time.

[Image: Untitled.png]

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - Off The Rails - 10-08-2020

I’m looking forward to seeing this in some future videos! Wink

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - Super - 10-08-2020

I had seen that famous YouTubers covers before and I even think he shows ow to make them with folded card stock. The next time I try something different will be the sculpted rack face in foam though.