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RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - Super - 07-21-2014

I know it didn't look like it would ever happen. I know that many were saying "sure Super" we heard that before. I know I have been talking and talking...well, its finally here... Our first video! "Bout time" you say, I hear ya.

Please forgive the rookie mistakes as this is my first time so be gentle and give me your critique, suggestions, ideas and opinions so I can make the next video in this series better.

So without further ado...For you viewing pleasure (I hope) I bring to you...

Playin On the Rails...OR...Making Tracks

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - HankAmericanEngine - 07-21-2014

Wow! That's some hi-definition you've got on that video! A spectacular one as well!

To begin with, that was an amazing start with Tom Hanks as the Polar Express conductor calling out, "All aboard!" in the beginning; a perfect start to a train video, and you've done some ingenious things to your layout. A shed as a tunnel is a scenically nice touch, and riding the rails in a first-person perspective gave me some shivers going under those girders and rails; I thought the camera would get hit or the train stop from a lack of proper clearance! You have lots of great shots of your layout, which is extremely interesting for its vastness and ability to allow many trains to run at the same time; nice touch showing off the monorails as well.

All in all, some minor hiccups that can't be controlled are clearly the shakiness of the camera on the track. Trains are trains, track is track-- it's going to be a bit bumpy. I think it's an amazing video; I've already watched it three times, and can't seem to get enough of it. The simplicity of seeing trains hard at work is something that never ceases to fascinate me, nor does seeing what your genius has to offer to your audience and us here at Blue Plastic Tracks. I love the ad you placed at the end; very clever, and handsomely done. Hope to see more videos from you soon!

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - ActionChugger - 07-21-2014

Finally a video! TongueBig Grin

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - Trackmaster-Rail-Yard - 07-21-2014

Amazing! Fianally we see a close up and personal video of the layout

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - Super - 07-21-2014

Thank you everyone, I am glad you enjoyed it.

HankAmericanEngine, thank you for the kind words. coming from one who has made some fabulous videos himself that means a lot!

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - sunhuntin - 07-21-2014

wow, that was wicked!! what was the camera you had on the train? nice to see some real rare beauties in use, too. thanks for that. awesome stuff!

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - Super - 07-22-2014

Thank you Sunhuntin

Really not my idea of an onboard camera. I got the idea from Ucwepn's videos (Amtrak Video). I wouldn't have known about these small camera's if it weren't for him. The camera I used is the #18 Keychain Camera with Wide Angle Lens. I used velcro to attach it to the camera car like Ucwepn. The velcro holds very well but with the fluffy loop side it may cause a slight wobble if bouncing on the rail so I will look into a more ridgid way of attaching for the next video. I like the wide angle aspect of this camera as the results doesn't give that roller coaster feeling.

[Image: 06ba9566-d0f1-41ce-86b6-972f7dd83664_zps3da1629c.jpg]

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - Penybontshed - 07-22-2014

Very good!
Tell me how did you get to get the red freight locos to work in multiple as there is only one connector on the loco??

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - Super - 07-22-2014

(07-22-2014, 03:55 AM)Penybontshed Wrote: Tell me how did you get to get the red freight locos to work in multiple as there is only one connector on the loco??

Because they are...Dummies! Big Grin I believe they are called DE 10's and are made with a front coupler for back to back hook ups or a trailing engine. My story is... A long, long time ago, in a land before BluePlastic and Japan auctions I saw a neat video on YouTube that had several of these in a long rake of trains and I had to have some. Here in the States they didn't exist until I saw a video of the Tomy Snowblower Train DD-14 & DE-10 (see picture) I was so desperate that I bought the whole set from Amazon just to get that DE-10. When the box arrived all I took out was the DE-10 and left the rest in to sell on Ebay as new on Ebay with the missing dummy engine which isn't needed for the snowblower to work. I don't know if this was available in any other set. Since I have been on the Auction at Yahoo Japan I always see them but when a seller had a pair to sell by themselves I jumped on them. They were easy to get as no one wanted to bid. I also have a blue DE-10 that came with my C-11 train and they also can be found at Yahoo Japan. Hmmm, now I have to post something in the "I wish Tomy would" thread.

[Image: bgn7_zps2a6d08ce.jpg]

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - Tramp - 07-22-2014

Brilliant super, what a great video and what a fantastic layout you have, the grey track and girders really make it look a lot more serious than the yellow risers, I'm really impressed & not only is your layout great your green salty is rapid! My salty crawls along at a snails crawl compared, you have some great locos and rolling stock!

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - Super - 07-22-2014

Thanks Tramp

Salt Substitute Smile has an upgraded, Power Dash, motor and as you can see he has no trouble pulling those 14 tankers in the video and that is on a not so full battery.

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - Super - 08-04-2014

Second in the video series is now released. By popular demand, this one is longer. I hope not too long. Video is in HD so set the YouTube screen all the way up for the best viewing. Feel free to get up and dance. Enjoy!

Bust My Boilers
All Steamed Up

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - Trackmaster-Rail-Yard - 08-04-2014

Awsome!!!!!!! You Are A Great Filmer

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - Tramp - 08-04-2014

Another great video super it's great to see your layout up close and it's brilliant to see all your exotic rolling stock and locos, I particularly like the green box cars, Super work, keep it up!

RE: Super's Mod's, Customs & Layout - Super - 08-04-2014

[Image: thanks-sign-smiley-emoticon.png] Thank you fellas. Do you think it was too long?

I love those green box cars, they took quite a while to get a hold of so many.