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341 mile loco post-mortem - Nigels - 11-04-2018

Found this interesting YouTube video a guy made to test the wear and tear on a small hornby loco

RE: 341 mile loco post-mortem - Super - 11-04-2018

That was interesting and educational, for me. For the life of me I have never thought of taking apart a Plarail motor for maintenance even though I have dozens that don't work. I will have to do that when I get the urge or find a train that is having trouble. Curious as to why this fellow just didn't start running the test right out of the box before dousing it with oil. Plus another interesting test would be to run it until it dies but that may take weeks or more LOL

RE: 341 mile loco post-mortem - Nigels - 11-04-2018

I have to admit it would never occur to me either to disassemble a can motor, after all they can be purchased so cheaply. But it does give some insight into the other areas to check if you have HO/OO gauge engines that are playing up. The business with the oil was weird too, usually with OO gauge Hornby the wisdom is to use oil very sparingly as otherwise it gets into parts like the pickups or on the wheels where it shouldn't and actively causes trouble, in fact it doesn't tend to do plastic much good either unless it is the specialised silicon based oils.

The thing I found most interesting though was the fact that such a basic engine has been built with relatively common components yet can last so long and be so reliable. Still I suppose it explains why there are so many of this enduringly beautiful design available cheaply second hand, I suspect it takes a hell of a lot to kill one as I've never had one come through my hands that doesn't run silky smoothly Smile

RE: 341 mile loco post-mortem - Super - 11-04-2018

I do like that fellows Train Attic.