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RE: a big mini idea... display - sunhuntin - 02-25-2019

the info on pricing for the units would be helpful for those also looking to either buy or have something similar made, super. can you explain why it needs to be in Pm only, please? thanks.

i appreciate your reasoning, nigel. not too fussed on color, so long as the minis will pop. not black or white, something pastel maybe?
i think i would prefer to stick with your original design. the one like your starlink would likely be sturdier, but harder to store when not in use. my minis live in the round playcases when not on display, and your shelves would be flatpacked.

RE: a big mini idea... display - Reivax - 02-25-2019

How many round cases do you have? I bought a bunch of these things from the dollar store. They can hold anywhere from from 25-30 trains depending how neatly you want them to be in there. I find them pretty handy for the time being. I have to hide the main collection from the kids while the other couple hundred extras stay out to play with.

On topic, I find this display idea awesome and would love to see it in action. Whenever that happens, I hope picture get posted.
[Image: 5-A460777-9-EFA-448-E-A1-C5-B2-B0-F1036-EA8.jpg]

RE: a big mini idea... display - Nigels - 02-25-2019

Hi Sun,

I do have a nice skyblue PlaPha filament, I may prototype a couple of components in that, that is the type of filament I used for my Starlink stand as it has the definition/temperature printing benefits of PLA, but at the same time is somewhat stronger and more flexible, so has the possibility to be more durable.

Anyway I'll get back to you when I've had a play around with the alternatives Smile

(02-25-2019, 11:47 AM)Reivax Wrote: Whenever that happens, I hope picture get posted.

I'll definitely post pictures as I prototype things and when the final version is complete. It's all about re-iterative design, you always start off with an idea, but depending upon how it performs you may need to tweak it as you go, maybe add some strengthening/bracing or whatever.

So you'll see the pretty with the ugly results as they go Smile

Cheers, Nigel

RE: a big mini idea... display - sunhuntin - 02-25-2019

reivax, i have maybe 10 or 12 playcases, cant remember exactly. i bought another 5 when i was in aussie a few weeks ago, and one of those is half full at the moment. i double up all the slots except the two at the very bottom in the blue, as doubling doesnt work there.

the cases work fine as a storage option, except for the expense and the fact they cant be found in any local stores. the cases you have would be a good option, but i dont know any local stockists.

RE: a big mini idea... display - Nigels - 02-26-2019

I actually knocked up some little stackable trays with dividers to collect my Cars 3 Mini's in, I get about 32 per tray if I recall correctly, they stack and are pretty small as the spaces were sized perfectly for the largest car so they don't rattle around all that much (i.e. not enough to damage them).  They would I think also be about the right size for Thomas mini's, I'll have to try them out lol!

BTW - I won't be around for the next couple of days as I have to take a business trip to Edinburgh so I'm not ignoring people if I don't reply Smile

RE: a big mini idea... display - Nigels - 03-01-2019

Ok, just a progress update, the base is printed (see below) as is a full size 'shelf', it works out that you can fit 6 mini's per shelf perfectly.  The base may look a bit ragged round the edges, but that is purely because it was printed on a 'raft' which is a method you can use to ensure it sticks to the build plate during printing.  The raft can be removed without too much trouble, or left in place to act as a bit more protection for the base.

I am now currently printing the side uprights and want to tweak the shelf just a little more to make it perfect, then I will all I will need is to print the middle supports and a full set of shelves Smile

[Image: IMG-20190228-130906665.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20190228-190011044.jpg]

RE: a big mini idea... display - sunhuntin - 03-01-2019

that looks brilliant! i love your work, nigel. incredible!

RE: a big mini idea... display - Nigels - 03-16-2019

Hi Sun,

Well I'm guessing you thought I'd forgotten this little project?  Well truth is I have been prototyping and tweaking the original idea until I got to this;

[Image: IMG-20190315-173920949-2.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20190315-173933305-2.jpg]

This was only 'dry fitted' together to make sure the sockets etc... work (they gave me a lot of grief) and to see how it all looks assembled.  I would suggest when you get it that you glue it together as it the sockets are deliberately a little loose - I find that UHU glue (if you get that out there) works very well after trying various other types.  You'll also see the last uprights look a bit skewy, that's because I'm still printing the last shelf for you lol!!

The mini's fit on nicely, if a little snug to start with, but this will just make them more difficult for little hands to walk off with them Wink

If it looks like what you've hoped for pm me and we can arrange the shipping etc...

Cheers, N...

RE: a big mini idea... display - sunhuntin - 03-30-2019

this just arrived this morning, thanks so much nigel! i am away this weekend, but will assemble and test on monday.

i love the butterfly, very, very cool!

[Image: P1100581.jpg]

[Image: P1100582.jpg]

RE: a big mini idea... display - Nigels - 03-30-2019

Good to know it got there ok sun, let me know how it goes once it's assembled :-)

RE: a big mini idea... display - Super - 03-30-2019

I am anxious to see this totally put to use.