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A Plarail Merry Christmas - Finno - 12-25-2019

Over here in ANZ Santa has already been but Merry Christmas everyone - enjoy the holiday and stay safe/warm/cool/happy.

I have a picture from my Plarail calendar for December to sum up the season:

[Image: Calendar-christmas.jpg]

RE: A Plarail Merry Christmas - Off The Rails - 12-25-2019

Merry Christmas Finno!

I always wonder how it feels to live in the Southern Hemisphere and see all these classic images of cold, wintry Christmas when it’s summer there. Honestly, I don’t have to wonder much since, in my part of the US, the weather is frequently more spring-like.

RE: A Plarail Merry Christmas - Super - 12-26-2019

I am a little late but Happy Holiday wishes for all.

[Image: glitter-happy-holidays-smiley-emoticon.gif]