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Mister No's Plarail Pics & Vids - Mister No - 12-30-2019


Here is my Enoden Plarail, please travel with me from Kamakura to Fujisawa! 

I hope you like it.

Kamakura Square:

[Image: IMG-20191229-224943.jpg]

View on Kamakura Station:

[Image: IMG-20191208-180259.jpg]

Kamakura Central Station:

[Image: IMG-20191208-174117.jpg]

Enoden on Dokidoki Mountain:

[Image: IMG-20191229-224546.jpg]

Sotetsu 7000 boarding on Kamakura Viaduct Station:

[Image: IMG-20191208-174230.jpg]

Kamakura's Five Track Station (Plus One Elevated):

[Image: IMG-20191229-224036.jpg]

Enoden 500, Hanshin 8000 Red Body (and Harold) in Fujisawa:

[Image: IMG-20191229-224708.jpg]

Enoden Type 1000 on Track 4 in Enoshima Station:

[Image: IMG-20191208-180203.jpg]

Enoshima Station:

[Image: IMG-20191229-224318.jpg]

Travel to Hase Station w/the Great Buddha of Kamakura:

[Image: IMG-20191208-171321.jpg]

Seasons Greetings:

[Image: IMG-20191224-201739.jpg]

Fujisawa Sunny Street Endpoint... and Meitetsu 513+514 carrying tourist to the Dokidoki Fortress:

[Image: IMG-20191226-104814.jpg]

A few Xmas videos...:

My YouTube Channel is here:

Happy holidays!

RE: My Enoden Plarail - Finno - 12-30-2019

Nice layout Mister No. You have some great Enoden trains/trams.

Can I ask if the row of buildings in your layout are the same as these ones on AliExpress here:

I have looked at them and wondered what they would be like. They look pretty good in your layout.

RE: My Enoden Plarail - Off The Rails - 12-30-2019

Very nice layout! I’ve considered those same RMZ buildings but haven’t gotten around to buying any yet.

RE: My Enoden Plarail - Mister No - 12-30-2019

Thank you, Finno! Your layout is nice too. And you have the old Plarail Kamakura Station, that I would know how to use in my layout, but Santa forgot me this year I suppose...  

Yes, I use these houses from AliExpress for my Kamakura Square, but in Enoshima I used these smaller ones:

They are different (I had no idea that some of those smaller houses play music!), but both kinds are great in size and quality, and I like them very much, planing to buy some more (I need some houses in Fujisawa, too!).

RE: My Enoden Plarail - chrisjo - 12-30-2019

Welcome to Blue Plastic Tracks, Mister No!

RE: My Enoden Plarail - Mister No - 12-30-2019

Thank you! It's nice to be here! 

[Image: avatar_915.jpg?dateline=1577659067]

RE: My Enoden Plarail - Super - 12-31-2019

Nice Layout Mr No, I do like the Village street. Welcome to the family.

RE: My Enoden Plarail - Mister No - 12-31-2019

Thank you, Super!

RE: My Enoden Plarail - Mister No - 01-01-2020


RE: My Enoden Plarail - Super - 01-01-2020

Thank you for the New Year Wishes Mr No and to you too.

RE: My Enoden Plarail - Mister No - 01-05-2020

Here are my new videos... Sotetsu 7000 on Fujisawa Central Line:

Enoden 1000 (The Pale One) on the Kamakura Circle Line: 

I'm no Spielberg, but I hope you like it.  Smile

RE: My Enoden Plarail - Super - 01-05-2020

Nice Commuter videos Dr No

What is this Track piece and where might it be from?

[Image: Untifgtled.jpg]

RE: My Enoden Plarail - Mister No - 01-05-2020

(01-05-2020, 01:24 AM)Super Wrote: Question:
What is this Track piece and where might it be from?

[Image: Untifgtled.jpg]

Oh, that's an old one. It's the lid of the Thomas Bucket Set:

[Image: tomy_thomas_bucket_train_set_endgameyour...essive.jpg]

I have two of them, they are like town-borders on my layout. One (the one you noticed) is an exit from Kamakura Station on the way to Enoshima and (to the right) to the Inamuragasaki Station...

[Image: IMG-20191229-224943.jpg]
Enoden 1000 turning right on his way to Inamuragasaki Station

... and the other one is located at the entrance of my Fujisawa Sunny Street Station:

[Image: IMG-20191229-224343.jpg]

It's very usable on double track layouts. And it looks great. I would love to have the green one too:

[Image: id169_ri1.jpg]

RE: My Enoden Plarail - Super - 01-05-2020

Ah, theres the answer. I have seen the buckets before but didn't realize the lid was part of the track system. Is your train room in an attic looks perfect.

RE: My Enoden Plarail - Mister No - 01-05-2020

It's strange though it's a part of these sets. If you buy just one of these sets, you'll get this:

[Image: 250?cb=20110419042004]

The other track (the "powered" one) is useless, unless you combine it with something else... On the other hand it looks nice on double track.

And yup, it's the woodden attic of my house. It has warm atmosphere and the ceiling is so low in half of the room that there is no room for almost anything... except a plarail, of course!