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Engines to Warp Factor 9 :D - Plarail Man UK - 05-06-2021

Well, this is a thing.

All my class work [for now] is finally done, and finally I have some quality time to myself...

Good old Royal Mail certainly delivered today, as the new motor for my modified 'Javelin' 400 series, created from a heavily scratched and electronically dead Tomica World 400 Series showed up, a Chinese clone of a Tamiya Plasma Dash [I think] motor; After 40 minutes or so soldering in the confines of a Tomy 2-speed gearbox, I've managed to bring it back to life with a speed way above any of my other engines [all of which use stock motors] so yeah  :D Even got some airtime when it hit the level crossings lol

Well, with that repair mission accomplished, there'll be pictures to follow when i've completed the re-livery into SouthEastern blue  ;) As i'm now on my summer holidays [of a sort], I've got more time for BPT and pictures/video of the newest additions to the layout, and as promised, a transfer of my Japanese 'Tomica World' promo VHS, which I believe is the one that would have come with my Plarail 300 Series set originally [when I bought the set, it was missing the video]  :D

RE: My Tomica World - Introductions - Super - 05-06-2021

(05-06-2021, 11:20 PM)Plarail Man UK Wrote:  Even got some airtime when it hit the level crossings lol

Now, that would be something to see in video :)  Looking forward to seeing more this summer P-Man

RE: My Tomica World - Introductions - Plarail Man UK - 05-11-2021

As promised, the Tomica World VHS, and I gave it a thread all it's own!

There's some pretty good footage on there, and i've also opened an extra YouTube account for any Plarail videos I want to put here on BPT, so yeah  :D

Next update will probably be when Parcelforce drop my next Japanese order, which as it happens, will probably be in the next few days hehe  ;)

RE: My Tomica World - Introductions - Plarail Man UK - 07-05-2021

Update again  :cool:

Well, the original version of my layout is gone, packed up prior to a house move due in the next few months, so any updates on the layout are going to be sparse, since I won't technically have a layout for a few months at least...

The good news is, where I'm moving to will have more than enough space in my new bedroom [approx 3x the size of my current room] for the layout to return eventually, so watch this space  ;)

In the meantime, when I get a minute around all my work and life, I'm going to try and make a video or some posts [or even both] about the Sega Pico 'Plarail' add-on unit, probably once I find the box containing my Sega Mega Drive so I can use the AC power supply from that [the AC adapter with my Pico is for Japanese 110v, but it appears to be the same plug and output voltage as a Mega Drive, so hopefully my UK AC adapter will work  :angel: ]

Fortunately I have equipment that can also handle an NTSC signal over RCA connections, including video-capture software and hardware [hence how I was able to transfer my Tomy VHS, among others], so yeah, it's less a matter of hardware and more a matter of finding time  :blush:

Anyway, thanks for bearing with me guys, I also am pleased to note that I only now need the Plarail 100 Series Shinkansen and JNR C12 [black] in order to complete my collection of rolling stock, since those two are the only two released in the UK Tomica World range that I don't already have [and annoyingly seem to be the most rare :D].

RE: My Tomica World - Introductions - Super - 07-06-2021

Exciting times when one moves into a new place annnnd.....having more room for a layout......priceless :D

RE: My Tomica World - Introductions - Plarail Man UK - 07-07-2021

Well, in spite of being in the process of packing up my current layout, I did realise that as I pack all my trains and gear up, I could take photos of each one of my models, and create an ongoing series of posts, with the idea being to create a detailed guidebook here on BPT about each of the UK range of Tomica World models  :D

Part 1, about the 'Virgin Train/Kintetsu 21000/'Hi-Speed Express' is now up on BPT, so I guess in the absence of a layout temporarily this does give me something to post about lol  ;)

RE: My Tomica World - Introductions - Plarail Man UK - 09-13-2021

[Image: image.png]

I'm not dead, just expanding the layout ;)

Signage, a mountain, a potential loop around the entire room, and a now-complete collection of exported Plarail models, or at least, all the ones ever released as Tomica World branded models...

Anyways, the move is complete so i'm gradually unpacking all my gear, and that includes the layout, so watch this space for the new [and hopefully improved] main layout, under construction...

[Image: image.png]

[So yeah managed to score the C12 and 100 Series Shinkansen in the interim, go me  :D ]

RE: My Tomica World - Introductions - Super - 09-14-2021

Good to hear you are not dead P-Man :)

RE: My Tomica World - Introductions - Plarail Man UK - 09-14-2021

Well, I'm doing some layout planning anyway at the moment, seems like I might need to invest in a few of the 'Hypercity' clear tunnels or underground tunnel sections, that way I can run the lines under obstacles, like where my plushies are laid out and stuff; Kinda handy I got a couple more on the way from Ebay that came with the E4 series  E1 Series [hands in trainspotter badge] and they seem to be the most common new-old stock Hypercity items on Ebay anyway so sourcing plenty shouldn't be too tricky...

The question for me is how to route the line, whether to run along the edge of the room, behind my bed, or a hard right at my bed, a hard left at the hi-fi, then bridged sections across the stairwell opening, round the landing and back onto the main layout...

We'll see though, gotta get more boxes and work committments out of the way before I can begin building though ^_^ Won't be too long however, because believe me, the less time i'm without a layout, so much the better lol  :D Can't wait to drive the new units soon  ;)

Also managed to get a plastic mountain for one corner of the layout; Ostensibly for Christmas decorating as it was with the christmas decorations in a local hardware superstore, but I took one look at it and could only see where it would fit into my layout  :P

RE: My Tomica World - Introductions - Super - 09-15-2021

Looking forward to seeing a new Layout in your new room P-Man. Also anxious to take a look at the mountain you picked up.

RE: My Tomica World - Introductions - Plarail Man UK - 11-06-2021

[Image: 20211104_141629.jpg?width=781&height=587]

Oh yes, it's big  ;)

[Image: 20211105_105857.jpg?width=440&height=586]

A stairway provided the ideal canvas for one of my more ambitious builds, even though there's no layout [as yet] for it to be connected to :cool:

Let's just hope I actually have time this weekend to begin, even slightly, assembling my layout haha  :D

RE: My Tomica World - Introductions - Super - 11-06-2021

Wow, I can't wait to see the finished layout. Looks like its going to be AWESOME! :)

How did you attach it to the wall and hold up the lower rail?

RE: My Tomica World - Introductions - Plarail Man UK - 11-06-2021

Well, it took a lot of working out, but it's all been achieved with 3M Command poster strips and plastic hooks :D

I've used Command strips for years, ever since a Hot Wheels 'Wall Tracks' set I owned introduced me to them, they're my go-to for sticking anything up basically, so when I decided to try and extend the layout with a bridge, I realised they were probably the only means to attach it to the wall, short of fitting a shelf [which I didn't really want to do]  ;)

I took one of my Plarail girders to the hardware store and basically offered it up to a selection of Command strip hooks, and the best fit has been their 'decorating light clips', which are an almost perfect fit for the hollow inner of a standard Plarail yellow girder, so my method was to start at the solid floor end of my room and basically build the bridge, section by section across the stairway gap, sticking the girders to the wall with hooks and strips.

I left it overnight, deliberately overloaded with a 5 car train and the weight equivalent of ~5 Motor Tomica on the road, and it held up impressively, although it sagged slightly because the girders were only held on the bottom, so I added an extra Command poster hanging strip to secure the tops of every other girder to the wall, which almost immediately corrected the sagging, and so far, has held perfectly ^_^

The next stage is to curve the line around to meet a station and standard Plarail balloon track on a board that's going to sit above the stairs [which are L-shaped] in what would have been otherwise dead space [see diagram] - This is basically going to be a form of switchback, as i'm planning to fit a Plarail 'Auto Point' set to divert the trains onto another route, effectively allowing me to create a loop around my room; Considering that space at the end of the bridge was at a premium, and none of my Plarail components could dodge around a protruding section of wall, this was the best way to create a bedroom loop, by turning the trains back around before turning them off onto the rest of the loop; Honestly, i'm surprising myself with just how intricate this is going to be, this has certainly blown away any expectations I had for my layout going in  :D 

The road might well be another matter, although perhaps a Tomica road turntable could be the answer to my prayers lol  ;)  

[Image: image.png]

The blue sections are the track, it's a very rudimentary diagram but I think it gets the point across  :angel:

Now all I got to do is hope and pray I got enough free time to sort out the rest of the room, cuz the layout isn't going anywhere without any space lol

RE: My Tomica World - Introductions - Mister No - 11-07-2021

It looks really high, and I still have no idea how the track will go beyond the place in the picture. Anyway, it’s something new, a fresh idea. The switchback with automatic switches, great idea! I can’t wait to see the connected and working railroad! As you work on it, don’t forget to take pictures of the progress! :)

RE: My Tomica World - Introductions - Super - 11-07-2021

Ha...I assumed the lower run was Tomy Train track, didn't look close enough to see they were Road pieces. Look forward to more. :)