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Custom Freight Car Sorting - Super - 01-23-2021

[Modified Plarail] Sorting freight cars at the hump marshalling yard

This is fantastic...just like the real thing.

RE: Custom Freight Car Sorting - leylandvictory2 - 01-23-2021

were the cars uncoupled before the train reached the top of the hill?

RE: Custom Freight Car Sorting - Mister No - 01-24-2021

Wonderful! Cat pointsman! Smile

RE: Custom Freight Car Sorting - Super - 01-24-2021

@Mr No
I love that Pointsman and he must be remote controlled to move to the 3 different positions too. Wonder how he managed to find a character that fit perfectly on the lever like he was made for it.

Its looks like he has uncoupled the cars and...turned them around as the Hooked end of the coupler is now facing away from the engine. What I would like to see is videos of how he made all those custom freight cars.

Added Note:
I am no so sure this video is the property of this YouTubers or someone elses. I have no proof just a hunch especially since in 360p and it was just Posted.

RE: Custom Freight Car Sorting - DalaGStanator - 01-24-2021

That's some incredibly well planned automation for Plarail. Stop/gos and 3 way points are fairly simple to motorize, but it looks like they (somehow) modified a stop/go to act as a decoupler. From what I could see, they didn't replace any of the couplings with magnetic ones and the trucks clearly don't "sway" while being pushed, meaning they weren't simply uncoupled beforehand. I have no idea how they made a decoupler for hook and loop couplings, especially given how strong Plarail ones tend to be. Hopefully someone here might have a mechanically plausible theory.