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US TnA James - GreatGordonFan - 04-06-2021

I think this is a bit of a dumb question but I still want to ask: what exactly makes the US TnA James one of the rarest tomy items ever?

RE: US TnA James - TheDiamondDalek - 04-06-2021

@GreatGordonFan To be honest I myself do not know but I would speculate it due to James not being all that popular in the US and the USA is the place out of all 3 where the TnA engine's were sold that had the smallest following for Thomas so naturally James was usually left and not bought meaning that over time he would grow to become rarer and rarer due to their scarce numbers

RE: US TnA James - GreatGordonFan - 04-06-2021

@DiamondDalek, Hm, I see.
It remids me of monty and how he would not be a popular purchase in poland at all since Jack and the Pack never aired in Poland. Many people would not know who he was and he would not be bought. After all, in Poland the only time people saw monty was in a brief, not named non, speaking role in The Great Discovery.

RE: US TnA James - Super - 04-06-2021

Could it be something to do with who voiced the US version or am I thinking about the TnA Thomas?

RE: US TnA James - Muddy Poppins - 04-06-2021

The American accent T’nA James is difficult to ID, as they all look the same...99% of them found have the British accent, and it is even more common to find the a Japanese version than it is an American version.

RE: US TnA James - DuckGWR - 04-06-2021

It just didn't sell back in the day, the Talk n Action series was never that popular over here, and at the time the US definitely had the smallest market out of the three major markets it was released in. It was certainly more expensive then a regular engine, probably had limited availability, etc etc. I've seen at least three UK James on eBay UK in the past few months, including one boxed, and many Japanese ones on Yahoo and Mercari. I'm not even sure when exactly the last US one to be found before I got my own was, I believe someone on Twitter found one in a Craigslist lot a year or two ago?

RE: US TnA James - TheDiamondDalek - 04-07-2021

@MuddyPoppins yeah, it is insanely hard to ID them most times, usually the wires and a give-away but I'm not sure if sometime they were given the wrong wires or not, shame about it being so rare, it would be an awesome thing to own