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ertl mini world - sunhuntin - 10-06-2021

can anyone here tell me more about this range? there are 4 different ones listed on a local auction site, and i am struggling to find much at all on google.


[Image: 1618763689.jpg]

RE: ertl mini world - Super - 10-06-2021

Wow...that looks tiny. You probably came across this fellow but just in case you didn't...


RE: ertl mini world - sunhuntin - 10-07-2021

thanks, super. i had not found that site during my hunts, so much appreciated! just a shame he has no photos, but at least i know what makes up a complete collection now. Smile

RE: ertl mini world - Super - 10-07-2021

Wonder if the lack of pictures is due to the page being from 2008 where it might not have been as easy as it is now to take pictures and get them on the Internet?

RE: ertl mini world - Nigels - 10-08-2021

I've seen sets like this come up on eBay (UK) in the past, usually opened though not sealed.  They are interesting and as Super says they are truly minute, a bit like that bluebird set I got the other year...