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Generic's Models - generic_truck_69420 - 05-22-2022

Hi all,

Thought I'd start a thread for my models.

First up, something I bought today. The Australian Model Railway Association (AMRA) were holding a sale day, which I went to. They had lots of models in HO, OO & N scale.

I picked up 3 things; 
An Airfix 14XX No.1466

[Image: 20220522-160924.jpg]

And a pair of GWR 3rd class collet coaches by Replica Railways

[Image: 20220522-161019.jpg]

[Image: 20220522-160958.jpg]


RE: Generic's Models - Super - 05-22-2022

Love those handrails and rivets on the steamer and the large wheels in front. Are the rear wheels the same?

Those coaches are kewl, do the cowls actually connect or come close to connecting?

[Image: 20220522-160958.jpg]

RE: Generic's Models - generic_truck_69420 - 05-23-2022

Hi Super,

The rear wheels are smaller (take Oliver for example as he's also a 14XX).

The cowls sadly, don't connect.


RE: Generic's Models - Super - 05-23-2022

still a beauty 😊

RE: Generic's Models - Donald9Douglas10Oliver11mp - 05-24-2022

I Really do like the GWR locos. The 14xx Is weirdly a very hard one to find on ebay for a good price. The Airfix one I think hasn't got a very good design. The Collett coaches are my favorite coaches and my must really get some, but first I need to get some medium size GWR locos to use with them.

Did you service the 14xx?

But still very beautiful!☺ (Like any GWR locomotives)

RE: Generic's Models - generic_truck_69420 - 05-24-2022

Hi Donald9Douglas10Oliver11mp,

I've given the rods, bearings and gears some oil, but still need to need to give the commutator a clean. I will also get new traction tyres soon.


RE: Generic's Models - Donald9Douglas10Oliver11mp - 05-25-2022

Happy to hear you're taking good care of it

RE: Generic's Models - generic_truck_69420 - 05-27-2022

Thought I'd share another of models. Here is a VR (Victorian Railways) B class diesel-electric locomotive. This model was produced by Auscision Models (a big name when it comes to models of Victoria & New South Wales). I paid (AUD) $335 for it. B74 (the one I have) is preserved by the Seymour Railway Heritage Society in Victoria. For more info on the class:

[Image: 20220525-213107.jpg]

[Image: 20220520-180035.jpg]

RE: Generic's Models - PerkyHydrAan - 05-27-2022

looks good, i like the color scheme, and i havent seem a b class with 2 cabs.

But if i were to buy a locomotive, i... would get a cheaper one. :)

RE: Generic's Models - Super - 05-28-2022

Love that B Class double header. It looks like you can see inside through the Diesel Vents along the side...are the diesel motor details inside too?

I also love the little shunter. 😊

RE: Generic's Models - generic_truck_69420 - 05-28-2022

Hi Super,

Yes you can see through the vents, but there is just the motor. I hope I like the shunter too, as it was (AUD) $130.


RE: Generic's Models - Super - 05-28-2022

Be interested to see if that Shunter as any Cab details inside as I love the window glazings.

RE: Generic's Models - generic_truck_69420 - 05-29-2022

The shunter does have cab details, but it's not the best because of the drive system.