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Question - The Takara TOMY Man - 08-07-2022

Should I make a video sharing website that is like Thomas only? and also, what should I use to make it if so?

RE: Question - stainedgaming - 08-07-2022

I think it would be a fine idea, but I'm not sure how it'd be executed.

RE: Question - Nigels - 08-08-2022

If its video's you are posting you could simply use YouTube to do it...

RE: Question - Super - 08-08-2022

Not knowledgeable about creating Web-Sites but I would assume that YouTubers would love to have a different place to Link to their videos to drive up views, especially those who are monetized. Aren't there sites that offer free Web Site's or is that a thing of the past?

RE: Question - GreatGordonFan - 08-09-2022

That would be cool, but I think it might not really work.
Years ago, there were many video sharing platforms out there that people used. But Youtube exploded and most of the other sites see little to no use these days.