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thomas and friends mini series - sunhuntin - 02-21-2015


picked these up today. they came in blind bags. each bag has a code and number on the front. the numbers go up to 18. i picked up one of each, and am assuming i got the full set of the first wave. individual photos can be found here:

checklist borrowed from drewbenns link/checklist

numbers and releases in some regions varied in 2016, in particular the tootsie minis. see the link for more information

2015 Wave 1
Region: Japan � WW
01 Thomas
02 Spooky Percy
03 Metallic James
04 Racers Gordon
05 Edward
06 Spooky Salty
07 Neon Toby
08 Henry
09 Old School Diesel
10 Spooky Emily
11 Dash
12 Diesel 10
13 Chillin Paxton
14 Stephen
15 Heroes Victor
16 Scruff
17 Racers Bill
18 Bert

2015 Wave 2
19 Heroes Thomas
20 Percy
21 Dino James
22 Metallic Gordon
23 Metallic Edward
24 Salty
25 Old School Spencer
26 Robo Toby
27 Diesel
28 Neon Bash
29 Heroes Hiro
30 Millie
31 Robo Charlie
32 Sidney
33 Dino Ben
34 Skarloey
35 Old School Luke
36 Dino Gator
37 Samson

2015 Wave 3
38 Racers Thomas
39 Dino Percy
40 James
41 Chillin Gordon
42 Robo Edward
43 Old School Salty
44 Spencer
45 Robo Henry
46 Heroes Diesel
47 Emily
48 Racers Dash
49 Paxton
50 Dino Stephen
51 Victor
52 Old School Scruff
53 Bill
54 Neon Bert
55 Luke
56 Spooky Porter
57 Superman Thomas
58 The Joker Diesel 10
59 Harley Quinn Millie
60 Cyborg Spencer

2015 Wave 4
61 Metallic Thomas
62 Metallic Percy
63 Neon James
64 Gordon
65 Racers Spencer
66 Chillin Edward
67 Toby
68 Neon Henry
69 Bash
70 Spooky Diesel 10
71 Hiro
72 Robo Millie
73 Charlie
74 Chillin Sidney
75 Ben
76 Chillin Skarloey
77 Gator
78 Porter
79 Heroes Samson
80 The Riddler Charlie
81 Batman Thomas
82 Flash James
83 Robin Percy

2016 Wave 1
01 Thomas
02 Racers Percy
03 Paxton
04 Graffiti Gordon
05 Stephen
06 Henry
07 Bash
08 Diesel 10
09 Charlie
10 Scruff
11 Flynn
12 Spooky Edward
13 Creature Samson
14 Electrified Luke
15 Electrified Bert
16 Sweets Sidney
17 Sweets Emily
18 Sports Salty
19 Stanley
re-releases in italics

2016 Wave 2
Region: NA � WW
21 Ferdinand
20 Spooky Thomas
22 Chocolate Percy
23 James
24 Sidney
25 Electrified Spencer
26 Patchwork Hiro
27 Graffiti Luke
28 Troublesome Truck
29 Graffiti Toby
30 Diesel
31 Victor
32 Creature Gator
33 Sports Bash
34 Spooky Emily
35 Racers Flynn
36 Sports Bill
37 Ben
-- Dots Thomas
-- Junior Mints Emily
-- Sugar Daddy Toby

2016 Wave 3
Region: NA � WW
38 Breakfast Thomas
39 Creature Dash
40 Bumble Bee James
If you are not in US/Canada
be sure to click 'WW'!
41 Percy
42 Gordon
43 Racers Thomas
44 Edward
45 Electrified Hiro
46 Graffiti Victor
47 Sweets Charlie
48 Racers Spencer
49 Spooky Diesel 10
50 Sports Porter
51 Sweets Skarloey
52 Salty
53 Spencer
54 Luke
55 Sweets Ferdinand
56 Supergirl Rosie
57 Firestorm Flynn
58 Raven Belle
59 Hawkman Victor
-- Blow Pop James
-- Fruit Chews Henry
-- Tootsie Roll Percy

2016 Wave 4
Region: Australia
26 Yellow Victor
27 Racers Gordon
28 Creature Troublesome Truck
29-32 not used
33 Gator
34 Graffiti Paxton
35-37 not used
38 Electrified Henry
39 Spooky Percy
40 Hiro
41-44 not used
45 Sports Edward
46 Black Adam Edward
47 Porter
48 Toby
49 Emily
50 Millie
51 Platinum Thomas
52 Dash
53 Bert
54 Skarloey
55 Samson
56 Beast Boy Luke
57 Aquaman Salty
58 Wonder Woman Emily
59 Creature Stanley

2017 Wave 1 (0/18)
Region: NA � WW
19 James
20 Percy
21 Victor
24 Stanley
97 Aquatic Bert
105 Fruit Chews Thomas
106 Salty
107 Space Spencer
108 Monster Henry
109 Night Time Emily
110 Animal Hiro
111 Duck
112 Bertie
113 Construction Millie
114 Sugar Babies Bill
115 Tootsie Pop Luke
116 Aquatic Gator
117 Monster Samson

RE: thomas and friends mini series - Tootally Thomas - 02-21-2015

13 is Paxton btw . the names are written underneath

RE: thomas and friends mini series - ROCKINATOR - 02-21-2015

They look like the take along/take n play range without tenders. And made by mattel, why you no detail TM trains this good???? WHY!!!!!!

RE: thomas and friends mini series - sunhuntin - 02-22-2015

toot, yes i realised after i had taken the photo. a certain ucwepn was so eager for photos i rushed through and didnt really even look at them, lol.

rock, they are about 5cm long and so detailed. even the spooky percy has bandages printed on his wheels, and salty has a different design on both sides. it would be nice if the perfection could be transferred to their other lines.

RE: thomas and friends mini series - Tootally Thomas - 02-22-2015

Fyi different wave available in USA with several 3 and 8 packs in clear blister packs on card.

RE: thomas and friends mini series - ROCKINATOR - 02-22-2015

A little smaller than I thought.

RE: thomas and friends mini series - exile90 - 02-23-2015

I saw bunch of those at WalMart today. Here's some shots of the big packs:

[Image: IMG_20150222_152823_zpseh7agjyq.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20150222_152818_zpsaksg3tnk.jpg]

And their backs listing individual collections:

[Image: IMG_20150222_152924_zpswzrxeixi.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20150222_152939_zpsfmfkc0lc.jpg]

RE: thomas and friends mini series - sunhuntin - 02-23-2015

wish we had the blister packs here, just for the extra variety in them. thanks for the pics Smile

RE: thomas and friends mini series - sunhuntin - 02-25-2015

with thanks to tootally, who sent me the link overnight, i ordered two of these and another metallic james while eating breakfast at 5.30am. they are coming from australia, so hopefully be here in a couple of weeks.
while i was contemplating, one of these sold on ebay for $65USD. i got the two, plus james, for around $80NZD including post.

it contains GOLD THOMAS! which was the main draw, plus i plan on showing the minis in public and was looking for a way to transport them with minimal damage.

[Image: thomas_minis_collectors_playwheel_front_2048x2048.jpg]

RE: thomas and friends mini series - exile90 - 03-04-2015

I've picked up a few random packs and I can confirm the numbers and what's in the packs matched what sunhuntin posted in the first post. They're super cute and almost right size not to stick out too much on the N scale layout.

Spooky Victor with N scale MiniTrix 0-6-0 steam
[Image: IMG_20150303_173618_zpsncbxlfoc.jpg]

RE: thomas and friends mini series - sunhuntin - 03-06-2015

the playwheels arrived, and ive managed to fit 2 engines into each space by putting them on their sides, rear end in first on an angle, wheel to wheel. theres just enough clearnace between the front coupling and the lid of the case. the metallics are placed in seperately in the blister that houses gold thomas.
each case is designed to hold 16... doing it this way i can almost double it. am considering getting another 2 cases at some stage to make sure i have enough room.

[Image: GEDC2090.jpg]

also caved and ordered the blister packs from ebay, so i should have everything released to date and will try to sell the duplicates. they shouldnt be too far away hopefully.

RE: thomas and friends mini series - exile90 - 03-07-2015

I've got the 2 8-train packs but still no storage wheel. None of the walmarts around here have it in stock. Once I get the wheel I'll start getting the 3-train packs.

RE: thomas and friends mini series - ROCKINATOR - 03-07-2015

I was in Walmart the other day and saw a couple storage wheels, but I am not going to collect another range of thomas andd friends, unfortunately.

RE: thomas and friends mini series - sunhuntin - 03-09-2015

the two 8 packs came today. initally i thought i had 4 duplicates out of 16, but it turns out the bert is a neon, not a classic. so only 3 doubles, which is really good. the same link in the first post will lead to more photos of the new arrivals.
one collectors wheel is full, and ive started on the second. EDIT~ after some rearranging, i have room for one more engine in the first wheel. i refuse to put two metallics in the one slot, so moved all of them to the second case, cutting up the blisters to stop movement.

robo henry [next to salty] has different print on both sides, and racer thomas has gradient coloring on the top.
[Image: GEDC2114.jpg]

metallic gordon! neon [paint] james also has different print on the sides, with the detailing extending to his wheels.
[Image: GEDC2125.jpg]

RE: thomas and friends mini series - ilovehotshot - 03-09-2015

Sunhuntin, could you clarify. I understand you bought 2 eight packs and the 18 individual trains and there are only 3 doubles? If I understand correctly, could you name the doubles? I was going to buy both 8 packs and the 3 packs and return the unopened single packs so I don't have doubles. (I was going to try and tell the difference by using the pictures that others have posted online)