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Trackmaster Revolution (TMR) New releases
not a big fan of those interactive engines.  You can't turn off the sound.  I just wish the rolling stocks are bit longer.  Right now the length of the rolling stocks are out of proportions.  It looks like they are squished haha.

also what's up with the huge number letterings on Gordon's and James'.  Why are the number so huge?

I hope James' rolling stock comes with a face haha.  More brake van troublesome trucks varieties.
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one more thing to note is that apparently the lights/lamps can glow?
please correct me if I'm wrong
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Yes they can, I saw it on a youtube video
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Posting this here, Tons found this and posted it onto Twitter so I'll leave this here.

The pack on a website it's on right now is called "Thomas Motorised Christmas Train" so any new releases can be probably be expected to be 4th quarter (OCT, NOV, DEC) releases; judging by how all these have been revealed, none of them have been put in stores, and how a "Christmas Train" was revealed with the S4 Tanker.

The Pack in question comes with a Snowy-Christmas Themed Thomas, The Tree Flatbed from the Terence Breaks the Ice 3-Pack redressed, and another Season 4 Tanker Redressed.
[Image: christmasthomas.jpg]
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Thanks Ffar

Looks kind of strange with all the blue wheels, I would think that red or green wheels might look better, even white would look better than the blue.. The tree also looks too tall for going under any rails. The graphics don't look like a sticker but may be a decal or paint.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
the only thing i like about the Christmas set is the tanker's face.  I hope I will be able to buy one at Wal Mart.  currently the law in my province prohibits stores from selling non essential items (that includes toys sadly).

As for the set, i believe it can be put on the flatbed sideway (like the tree on the Henry's set).
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[Image: ugly.jpg]
What did they do to you, Gordon?  Confused
This is ugly. Ugly number, ugly button, everything is so off and too big (or too short: tender). Gordon, in fact, doesn't look like himself at all. Just look at him. 
And those ugly and useless spiky wheels. Without these wheels, the wagon would be usable. But just a wagon, nothing else. It's a see inside, isn't it? Wonder what's inside...
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I am guessing that the big thing on his buffer beam is a working light???? Those hinges are huge, couldn't they have come up with a better way to see inside?.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Super, I guess you were referring to Gordon when you were talking about the buffer beam a working light.  Thomas and Percy have those big "buffer beam" lights as well. 

It looks like Gordon's express coach is slightly longer than the generic rollign stock.  I hope the coach will be as long as Kenji's coaches.  I am tempted to get 2 identical engine and see if they will actually talk to each other haha
My Trackmaster/Tomy/Plarail Photo Gallery Page (over 600+ photos and still under construction)
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I am pretty sure that somebody has tested that already and that it does work.
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