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Thanks for the heads up Mr-No

I do like the color combination of the  Evangelion Special. The purple, black and lime green look cool but that orange stripe on the side doesn't fit. Wouldn't it be neat if they had used glow in the dark paint for the lime green parts?

Personally, I think they have way to many versions of the 700 Series and, to me, they all look alike. Unless they are getting paid to make the models in a collaboration deal, I wish they would concentrate their efforts on something new and different...unless they have done everything in Japan.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Agree with your Evangelion observations, Super!
I suppose they had to put the orange stripe, because it's on original too:

[Image: aAgXDQE_700bwp.webp]

In general, I think they did good job on this model:

[Image: pic_bd_eva01.jpg]

But still it remains to be seen what they meant by "evangelion color when placed on separately sold eco straight / curved rails". What happens when you place it on those green tracks? It somehow changes the color a bit, or what? Or did they mean it would look best on green eco rails? I can't tell by just looking at the pictures...
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The real train looks to be more blue but that may be because of the sky but even if it is the color doesn't look to be a match to the purple on the Plarail.
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The color is a bit different from one photo to another, but the train is generally purple:

[Image: aL0X8L5_700bwp.webp]
[Image: aDgXzOZ_700bwp.webp]
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As for the color rail thing, Eva Unit 01 in the newer Evangelion films is primarily purple and green like the train, so they're just saying the green track will match the Evangelion motif.  Smile
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And indeed they would! Thank you for the clarification! Smile
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“Get inside Thomas , Shinji.”

That was a joke from a discord server I'm in, felt like making the joke here.
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