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TnA (talk n action) Thomas... With a snow plow?
Hello, so I saw this one on eBay. I was a bit thrown off because I was not aware of a TnA Thomas with a plow. That said I looked over the images and from what the seller said my thought is maybe the plow was added to a regular TnA Thomas? What are your thoughts on this one?
yes it is a special release in the Tomy Holiday set it is the British accent TnA Thomas, I own him. use this link from my page and scroll all the way to the bottom to see the set it is quite rare.
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  • ripley802, DalaGStanator
There is a Talk 'n' Action Snowplough Thomas, but I'm sure this featured a snow-covered Annie and Clarabel which came with the Motor Road and Rail Thomas Holiday Set. It was a Toys R Us exclusive in Australia at far as I know. That snowplough could've been taken off and fixed to a generic Talk 'n' Action Thomas.

[Image: latest?cb=20120505181958]
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  • ripley802
It was actually an Imaginarium Exclusive set and the snowplow is removable and the TnA Thomas in this set is standard but unfortunately the snowplow does not fit on a standard Thomas. also Annie and Clarabel are standard TnA no snow on them.
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  • ripley802
i found that set in a thrift store a few years ago. the thomas didnt work, as i recall, so i took the plow off and use it with a normal thomas, though i had to get one with suitable buffers. some were too close to the body and the plow wouldnt clip on. annie and clarabel in my set were plain. i masked them off and hit them with a spray can of white.
my website address has changed:
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  • Gerisplarail1
i made the mistake of trying to force the plow onto the first Thomas I ever bought whom I now love, it scraped some of the paint off his buffers and I was very upset while with alot of force it will go on the standard Thomas I own which is the first version no painted footboards etc. I just consider and tell others it is not compatible because I dont want them to force it on and wreck their Thomas.
sad to hear you damaged yours.

i didnt force mine on. the slots in the plow physically wouldnt go behind the buffer, so figured short of smacking it with a hammer it wouldnt work. lol.
my website address has changed:
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  • Gerisplarail1
Thanks guys for all the information. So do you think that was a good purchase? I made a deal with the seller and got it for ~ $34 shipped. Since I recently squire the TnA diesel 10, Toby, and James, I figured I would try and get Thomas and Percy. Percy will be the next one I am searching for if anyone has any leads. Thanks again.
It looks like this is a standard T'nA Thomas that the seller has attached a snowplow to...curious to find out it's accent and phrases.
Play nice & have fun!!Smile
The set this is from is a standard TnA Thomas British accent all they did was attach a snowplow I own this set Muddy!
What is the give away to tell this is a British accent vs American accent? Just curious.. Also which one would be more rare? Thanks
I dont know which is rarer but the snowplow was not released with the American accent so it would be strange for someone to take it off one and sell it with another.
let us know when it arrives but I bet anything it is the British version you have on the way.
Will do. Thanks.

You were spot on. I do not have the green track yet but got the train in the mail today. It is definately a British accent.

Just so I understand.

There is a regular TnA Thomas with an American accent, the one I received which is a regular with a British accent, and then there is the TnA Snow set which has the plow. And it looks like I have the plow only from that set, sound correct? Thanks.
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  • Gerisplarail1
Well I need some more help. So I received the engine and made a deal on some of the green track. I am not sure if it is broken or maybe just needs some adjustment. Hopping someone can compare with theirs. To me it seems like it is not even touching the track when it goes over. Thoughts..

[Image: FEA469E3-0EAF-415D-BD04-4B7D285663E0_zpsy02m7yry.jpg]
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I think I am ok now. I carefully took out the 5 screws on the bottom and noticed that the spring was pointed toward the back. I turned it and made it vertical and then put it all back to get her. He is talking great now, well mostly. I think the spring is a bit weak, so I may look for a replacement but other than that it is all good. Can't wait for the other TnA trains to arrive.
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