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capsule range question
is there a definitive list of the thomas capsule range anywhere? im looking on jauce, and can pull up pics of some full sets, but have found a listing with 2 clowns i havent seen elsewhere.

the fat yellow one is mr bubbles? and is usually shown with a clown car.

how he usually is seen

is this lot worth the start price? i really only like the clowns for use on the tomix layout, the rest would mostly be surplus, though i could put them on the platform. if the horse could be modified to fit in a tomix truck, then it would also be used but the other rolling stock would be tucked away.
my website address has changed:
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Believe it or not, I am planning on making a wiki for the range. Tongue

But there are good websites out there, just make sure you've got an online translator.

This is a pretty in-depth fansite, and even though it hasn't had an update since the middle of this year, you should find what you want.

The official Capsule Plarail mini-site is also well archived. It might take a bit of getting used to, and there's even a specific Thomas mini-site.
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Thanks Jdog for the info and what a coincidence!
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thanks, jdog. i know your character wiki lists the different merchandise each character was made as, which is great for known characters. checking the thomas specific site now. looks good so far. Smile

i found the clowns. seems mr bubbles was released without the clown car to begin with, while the other two came with the station platform.
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Didn't know we had fans of the Plarail Capsule line here. They have tons of buildings, accessories and tracks for those little guys, at least as far as I see on the Japan auction sites.. Curious as to how do they compare size wise to the Trackmaster Mini's?
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
i will check about the minis this afternoon, super. i do know the accessories are compatible with the n scale tomix engines, which is my reason for buying. i had cranky, jack, an overpass and bulstrode arrive the other day.
my website address has changed:
The Capsule Plarail engines are longer and wider than Fisher-Price's MINIS, as well as more detailed, but a MINIS engine is taller and too large for the Capsule Plarail track. I did a comparison with Thomas.

I love this range and I bought loads when it came to Gacha machines from 2010-2013 near me. I can't compare it to the MINIS as I think Capsule Plarail does well for realism, but MINIS do well for fantasy.
Having just received my latest bundle of goodies from Japan which happened to include some Capsule PlaRail as well as some made by a non-Tomy maker (Epoch Gachapon?) I thought I'd resurrect this thread.

I picked up a set of Thomas models, another set of Tomy non-Thomas and a set of the other maker (I'll look it up later) so thought I'd see what people have said in the past and compare it with my findings.

The good news is I really like the models, Thomas and co are lovely and quite detailed for their size, although I was a bit suprised to find you're expected to decorate them with the decals yourself as its a bit fiddly! But a small price to pay. Similarly the other Tomy set is interesting containing a Spacia express and the east-i express (or whatever its called) along with a 202 type commuter train. There was also some buildings and a bit of track. I may actually have considered a video just to keep AC happy, but unfortunately I don't have enough track yet to form even a circle let alone a rectangle Smile

The other set has a 6 car E5 Hayabusa (Falcon) Shinkansen and a 6 car E7 (Shine) Shinkansen. These are not quite as detailed as the Tomy relying on printing/painting to represent the windows rather than having actual moulded windows. But nontheless they look pretty good having quite close coupling and a low profile like the real thing. But and here is the really nice thing is whereas the Tomy models are clockwork (for want of a better description) these do have a motor car (one of the intermediate cars) and a leading car with an LED light. The former is powered by a single AAA and the LED car by a pair of LR44 button cells. Again this set came with some track which is more realistic than the Tomy and clips together differently, but again I'm short of a circle or rectangle so its not really possible to show a set running, it also came with two tunnels, one for a straight track one for a curve.

The nice thing though is that both types of capsule PlaRail are compatible with the others track (shame the tracks don't join lol) but more interesting is I have found that they also are the same gauge as the Konami Digi-Q train track I have so I can potentially setup some of that and run them on that for now - the only main difference is that both the Tomy/Gasopan have the grip type treads moulded on the track whereas the Konami doesn't so they may struggle a bit. If they work maybe AC will get his wish lol!

So what have you guys got in terms of Capsule? Sun? JDogMan?
Happily collecting things all my life... Big Grin
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I have seen lots of Capsules on the Japan Auctions and YouTube videos and they are quite cute. Never had any myself and not really interested in accumulating them either as they are too small for my liking. However I certaily would collect these far more than the Trackmaster Minis (ducks the flying objects) as they are more detailed run themselves, have tons of track, buildings and accessory options.
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  • Nigels
I know where you're coming from Super, but I guess I must have the odd Japanese gene in my makeup as I like things that are small and detailed over things that are large no matter how detailed they may be.

The other advantage of these are that if you want a complex layout in a restricted space it is a lot easier to achieve - so long as you can source enough track that is Smile
Happily collecting things all my life... Big Grin
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After seeing this post I dug out a couple for a photoshoot. I got these from a gashapon back in... 2008 or 2009, one of those years lol.

[Image: dSYDgSc.jpg]
[Image: FkhoDU6.jpg]
[Image: MULcgHc.jpg]
[Image: PVB48aX.jpg]
[Image: gRR83EM.png]
Are you sure that is Capsule? The tracks look a bit different maybe smaller.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
(09-02-2016, 10:58 AM)Super Wrote: Are you sure that is Capsule? The tracks look a bit different maybe smaller.

They are not part of the wind up line, but they are capsule toys so I thought they were relevant none the less. Not sure if these came before the wind up, or if they were just a side product, but they are official Tomy.
[Image: gRR83EM.png]
Oh, I didn't realize there were different types of Capsules, thanks killer.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Hi Super,

There are indeed several manufacturers of these capsule toys, I've seen Tomy (obviously), Epoch, Yujin and some others I can't remember.

The ranges are also a lot bigger than you'd expect, there is the obvious Tomy Thomas range/sets as well as some Tomy 'real world' trains (shinkansens/suburbans etc...).

But in addition if you go 'off piste' and try the other ranges you can find other stuff as well, for example the Epoch range are modelled around the real world trains, but the big difference is that some instead of being wind-ups are actually powered. You often get a lead car with an LED light, motor car in one of the mid-cars, and on some sets a trailing car with different colour LED.

Also in the Epoch range are some interesting buildings which have a motion detector which apparently then causes them to produce some sounds of some sort. The interesting thing about these is that maybe they could be cannibalised to produce the circuitry we were discussing to provide say lights at a crossing or something.

In the Yujin range I've noticed that they have clones of the Tomy Hyper Guardian range in capsule scale as well as some other stuff, how legal they are I don't know but you see them in the auctions. You can also get Chuggington for anyone interested, although I think they are genuine Tomy from what i recall Smile
Happily collecting things all my life... Big Grin

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