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Philip trackmaster 2 rear wheel conversion
This is my version of how you replace the rear wheels and do the light chassis mods in order to get it to work properly on the older blue tracks. I know that other people have done this mod before so this is just my take (also my first attempt at video editing!)

This is my first attempt at using video editing, the following video shows how I did this mod from the beginning to the end where he takes lap on our track.

I did do this mod on my washing machine with a large white board laying on top, my workbench is full of other projects i'm currently working on,

Also as mentioned in the video so far Philip's body is the only one that did not need ANY mods in order to prevent wheel rub, I've done about 6 of these so far.

I hope that it helps out anyone who is interested in doing this mod.

The only dissapointment in Philip is how his train number is a bit scrubbed off on the right hand side, it must have gotten packaged to early and rubbed or it was moving to fast in production somehow,
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You say in the video that you didn't need to modify Phillip's body shell, but that you did have to modify the shells of Ryan, Timothy, etc. I'm curious as to what body mods you found were necessary on those (because I did Ryan without noticing this requirement).

Excellent video, by the way.
Thats an excellent "How-To" video Anc, well done. Boy, doesn't Phillip look tiny next to Boco?
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
In order to get the bodies to fit right on them I had to open up the cutouts for the rear wheels because the older wheels are much bigger.

Charlie, was the hardest because I wanted his side rods to tuck into the body at their highest stroke. I had to grind open the wheel wells and the sides of the inner body so it fit nice.

Thanks ChrisJo, and Super, Yeah BoCo looks almost twice the length, thats the only real issue I have with the tm2 trains other than the rear wheels, is the scale is off.
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When I did the wheel swap on Talking Percy I had to chop allot away from the front and the back. Nice video too Smile
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