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A Good Example of What NOT To Do Swapping Motors
I love watching the YouTube Videos of this guy as he is not afraid to tackle any repair on anything at home but if your are going to have a first try at disassembling one of our train motor case's here is a video on what can occur if you do it wrong.

First: The Anti-Tamper Plate that he first removes only half needs to be completely removed and in my experience not necessary to replace.

Second: Just don't pull the halves apart letting everything fall all over the place as you may not be as lucky as he was putting it all back together correctly let alone losing something on the floor or the spring shooting across the room. Plus he was upside down the whole time. Its much easier to lay the motor casing down on its switch side and remove and re-install the workings.

Not so sure there wasn't something wrong with the finished product as the motor did cut out for him. It did seem to be faster but I would have liked to see a test run on track. Didn't recognize that type of Tamiya packaging, anyone catch what motor it was?

We all have made mistakes and learned from them. This video is an excellent resource for beginners to see what could happen. There are several other videos on YouTube with easier ways and help. Many of those videos are from Members here at BluePlasticTracks. For our veterans at swapping motors please post links here for your favorite videos that might have helped and gave you the courage to go for your first motor swap.

[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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Good video. Yeah it would be so nice to know Japanese not only for searching the Yahoo Japan auction sites but for this type of thing too. Seems very detailed in what he is saying.

For these types of motors I have found it a whole lot easier to first desolider the one side. This way the two haves come appart easily. Then when putting it back together the soldiering is the last step. Seems to go back together this way easier too.
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The motor that he is using in the video is a 2015 Japan cup motor (hyperdash 3). Each year they come out with a new cup motor.

Runs at 17,200 - 21,200rpm. At 3v they run at the max rpm, there sweet motors.

When i was a teenager I used to race a older version of these 1/32 scale awd slot cars at a local track above a bowling alley.
(02-20-2016, 12:22 PM)anc6802 Wrote: When i was a teenager I used to race a older version of these 1/32 scale awd cars at a local track above a bowling alley.

That is cool Smile
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  • anc6802
Next time i go to my parents house ill dig through my stuff and take some pictures. They used these in slot cars and the Tamiya mini 4wd cars. I was mainly into the slot cars but I do have 1 or 2 of the Tamiya cars, I remember they started off cheap for the basic model kit but they escalated quickly lol
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