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I Wish Tomy Would...!?
This Thread is Just a Bit of Fun Dreamed up by our very own SUPER.

It is Time for us to share things we would like to see developed and produced, be it Special trains, train types or track and scenery pieces!

I for one wish Tomy would make the Plarail versions of the Trains from the Nintendo Animal Crossing series, they hold the rights to make Animal Crossing figures why not make the trains featured in both the first game in the Franchise and the newest game in the Franchise (New Leaf). Animal Crossing New Leaf features an Hiroden tram and the first game features an Steam Locomotive.


Here is a Tomy toy of the train I am talking about not Plarail though.


The train in the actual game.
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(05-06-2014, 03:24 AM)Gerisplarail1 Wrote: This Thread is Just a Bit of Fun Dreamed up by our very own SUPER.

Thanks GerisPlarail1 but I can't take all the honors as its something my Grandson and I do a lot. When we are studying our trains and layout we are always coming up with the "Why don't they make something like" and "wouldn't it be neat if they made" Sometimes we come up with silly things and sometimes we come up with something that could make sense.

So here I go with one of ours....

We wish that they would make a replica Steam engine and old time cabooses modeled after the vintage American steam behemoths. Wouldn't it be great if they made a Limited Edition, Limited Production run of the Pere Marquette 1225, the one that the Polar Express movie was used for. (see picture) Tomy does a great job of detailing their trains that I think they would do a wonderful job. For that matter, why not do trains from around the world and limit the production so they would be collectors items. They could do one train a year from a different country. The closest I see of Tomy trains similar are maybe the Murdoch and Hank Thomas engines.

[Image: 20131201_154400_zpsadf433c7.jpg]
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
following along with the polar express, id love to see the hogwarts express and opening coaches, with plakids of harry and co too.
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I Wish That Tomy...

...would have made a trailing coach with the rounded rear for the Amtrak trains and for that matter all 3 of the F Units they made. Using the original, middle car, coaches with the flat ends make the train look unfinished.

Something like this picture only withouit the upper observation area.

[Image: 97041297296543_zps66524b7c.jpg]

[Image: 001_zps55c343a9.jpg]

Sunhuntin...what does the Hogwarts train look like?
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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  • HankAmericanEngine
super, its a british steam engine. really pretty and one kids could connect with

i agree about the rounded end cars. wouldnt take much to make one.
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  • DalaGStanator
I wish they would make longer more scale locos (like Murdoch but driven) it would also be great to see trains with more than x4 wheels touching the track, I know the new Ferdinand has 6 but there's loads of older ones they could remake with the right number
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  • Ucwepn
ooo, thought of a good one! make wraps showing studio ghibli characters. would buy a full set of those in a heart beat
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  • Gerisplarail1
as would I sunhuntin!
I Wish Tomy Would...

Make caps for their risers that will cover the ends that show. Would make the top look a lot better and with the "lip" that is already on the lower leg of the 3" risers this will help in "locking down" the track to the riser like it does in the lower levels. Come on Tomy...look, I have done the work for just make the caps [Image: ok-emoticon.gif] and don't forget to make them in the light gray color too!

[Image: 007_zps3b4f9b56.jpg]

[Image: 002_zps6b524549.jpg]

[Image: 006_zpsb43d2ac8.jpg]
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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I can get on board with this idea Super!!!! great thinking I have thought about how nice that would be as well.
i wonder if the man on ebay who makes his own couplers and tomy/trackmaster adapters would be into making these?! never even thought about it before, but its a good idea!
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I haven't heard from that fellow in quite a while. Wonder why, he seemed so eager to try something new.

Just think how good these caps (in gray) would look on the elevated rail system. They even could have some (or all) with one hole in it to accommodate the pantograph poles. Would clean up the look very nicely and lock down those tracks to the risers too. They could sell them in packs of ten or more. I would buy many for our gray of course.

Come on Tomy/Plarail...we know you stop by here.... please make these, I know they would be profitable.

[Image: viaduct1.jpg]
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
theyd need special ones to allow for the bridge sides as well. but it would look awesome!!
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I Wish Tomy Would...

... have made curved Subway Tunnels (both right & left). If you have ever heard these Tomy/Trackmaster/Plarail trains running through a long subway tunnel you can appreciate the lifelike sounds they make from the wheels to rail (its awesome). We think its awesome and it would be nice to be able to continue tunnels around the layout especially if there is no room for long straightaways. In addition would like them to have made the clear domed tunnels curved (both right & left) to go on top. Or have they already done this and I haven't seen it?

[Image: 0_57_zpsb1106936.jpg][Image: 8a9f0117-2684-47a1-8c0d-5a836a39cbff_zps602336a3.jpg]
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]

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