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Open of my James OT-3
Hi this is a video to show the new James. I love the motor has NO solder, so I can easily swap to any motor I want!

Taking it apart!
[Image: 2016-05-27%2023.39.37_zpswswjjnw8.jpg]

Motor connect with no solder, easy swap!

[Image: James_mod_BatteryHolder_zpsyv8havf1.jpg]
[Image: JamesMod_disassembly2_zpscdgo9e8t.jpg]
[Image: JamesMod_motorCloseup_zps4g6v4rpq.jpg][/img]

Motor Swapped [Sorry the swap part out of camera and out focus, so I cut it off]
Motor swap. My 3 years old son is there as well.

James's gears
[Image: JamesMod_GearCloseup_zpsf0vqo8pe.jpg]

[Image: JamesMod_MotorGearCloseup_zpsr6p02vf4.jpg]

Opening the Chatting Cargo:
[Image: JamesMod_CargoDisassembly1_zpsyo2bj58a.jpg]

When i opened it, the yellow wire is disconnected. I have to solder it and now, when wheel turns every 6-8 times, it will speak out and no need to press the button.

Simple Battery MOD for CR123A [Get the part from a R/C toy's controller]
[Image: JamesMod_CR123A_Progress_zpslxcpnlar.jpg]

[Image: JamesMod_CR123A_1_zpsef63ueda.jpg]

Draw back, CAD$5 per battery. I am going to use 14500 3.7v to test out.

Testing Lap

Testing lap setup:
[Image: JamesMod_laptestconfig_zps7jdrbjkk.jpg]

Before swap motor with 1.5V, lap time:
[Image: 2016-05-30%2018.13.15_zpsug0s9mtn.png]

With 3V, Torque-Tuned Motor, lap time:
[Image: 2016-05-31%2020.04.06_zps04qdzeqa.png]

Thanks for reading. Next Project, add a LED light to James front.
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  • DalaGStanator, ripley802
Another motor swap, this one is easy!

Motor swap. My 3 years old son is there as well.

Here is the mod for battery
[Image: uJ25h5ovmsMma86SA]

Finally battery MOD:
[Image: unpFAJukX5YRhp1Y6]

Test track setup
[Image: FT5WtG63wU2dvh9g7]

Original Stock motor time
[Image: XYv8ybhU911MeuCy6]

Tamiya Torque Tuned Motor lap time
[Image: 6gpDwSPrvutCrSS99]

Thanks for reading!
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  • ripley802
Hi Lee & son

Thanks for sharing although the video cut off at the good part and I don't see any of the pictures. I am assuming you have 3 volts of battery in a trailing car???
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Am I the only one that does not see any pictures?
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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  • Ucwepn
(06-02-2016, 11:22 PM)Super Wrote: Am I the only one that does not see any pictures?

No. I can't either. Just too lazy to work on it, just copy the link and put up on a browser, then you will able to see it.

Please PM me if you know how to fix this problem anyone.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Links Fixed
Thanks Tramp

So Lee...did you swap out the motor?
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
(06-04-2016, 07:59 AM)Super Wrote: Thanks Tramp

So Lee...did you swap out the motor?

Yes, I did swap the motor to Torque Tune. I post in under MOD. Now I am working to install the LED in front of it. But I broke the switch, so, I need to find/buy another replacement. Next step will then be drill, and some soldering. I will post it once done. Last phrase will be the passage cargo. I will do what Tramp did, using SMD LED but it is hard to find here and I need to order those LED from Asia, won't come until end of July.

May be I am a new member, attachment option is not allowed or not show as in the youtube video. So, I use link.
(06-02-2016, 11:11 PM)Super Wrote: Hi Lee & son

Thanks for sharing although the video cut off at the good part and I don't see any of the pictures. I am assuming you have 3 volts of battery in a trailing car???

Yes, I am using CR123A, it makes thing much more easier. I tried to use 3.7V but then, I need to calculate a resistor or better a variable resistor. I found that it is very interesting but I will not have time to do it. Other option is button batteries in parallel but then there are 2 problems, a) short battery life; torque tuned consume 1.3-1.7A per hour, so a 230mah even in parallel will only last for 30 minutes. b) choking & swallowing hazard, I don't want any kid open the train (you never know how they did it) and eat the button batteries!

You can copy the link and post it to your browser you can still see the photos.
Thanks Lee

Still don't see any pictures. Are you you posting them correctly?

Also no need to start separate threads for the same project just add it to your existing thread. It is much nicer and easier for searching for it later.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
I did the same thing with James TS-05
Making Customs, Filming Videos and looking for the purest engines. That's how I roll here on Blue Plastic Tracks.

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I don't know why I can post photo on some other post but just not this one! The attachment dialog box does not show! I will try to post a new one and see!

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