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Bandai B Train Shorty's
Very nice. I didn't even notice numbers on our Plarail version until you mentioned them. I would imagine nobody would notice duplicates on these tiny trains although the font is large. The graphics are exactly the same so I am wondering if the real coaches are identical except for the numbers or have different characters for different coaches. The graphics that go over the window glazing, is it painted on the "glass" or are the windows contoured to the graphic?
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Hi Super, I've not yet found a full length side on shot of the real train to know if there are different graphics on the various coaches, I'll have to have another dig around to find out.

To answer your question its not a sticker, the design is printed/painted directly onto the plastic shell/windows so as such is crisp and clear with little signs of pixelation or anything like that - basically an incredible job considering the minute size of them.

Now if only that was duplicated/scaled up to the PlaRail versions they would be awesome. I wonder if we will get an advance version like we did with the EVA 500? If so I would be interested to see if they print or sticker those, to date I've only ever seen printed PlaRail Advance models.
Happily collecting things all my life... Big Grin

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Nice one Super, it really galls me everytime I see these little trains that are so superb that Tomy did such a botch job on the PlaRail version Sad There's really no excuse for it as they proved they can produce good quality printing with the EVA 500, so why did they go so cheap on the Rapi:t? If they had done it right they would have had a true collectors item on their hands...
Happily collecting things all my life... Big Grin
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