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sets on Walmart, not listied in ixbyix
(10-22-2016, 05:57 AM)drewbenn Wrote: Yeah I've been thinking about all these things the last few days. I will probably change the color of the heading of completed waves (probably Thomas-blue or a dark green, do you have a preference?). I don't want to mark incomplete waves red because I think most users *don't* have complete collections and I don't want to punish them by marking up the page with lots of extra red text.

In general I don't like adding options because it doubles the amount of things I need to test (as opposed to being one more thing to test). So the longer the page lives, the higher the bar to add an option. But I've been thinking about how to allow duplicates, and I'm thinking of doing something like what you showed (maybe with the checkboxes after the engine names? not sure yet) with an option to select how many duplicates columns to add. The big thing I'm worried about is how to preserve that info in a link (e.g. to send someone else or to keep for yourself if you're moving between browsers) and I'm sort of thinking of a new 'name=highlight' option that would *highlight* all the trains in the URL instead of selecting them [or, hmm, maybe I should have been doing that from the beginning for 'name=share'. Now you've really got me thinking!], and possibly a "check all highlighted engines" buttons. I'm going to keep thinking about this, but it will probably be a while before I get anything implemented.

Collapse/expand all is a good idea, I understand now that you've explained why.

FYI there is an undocumented feature where you can change the value of the 'name' parameter and it will save those checked engines as a separate list. It was one of the original features but I never came up with a good UI for it and after I used it myself for a couple weeks it was just too difficult for me to keep all my lists straight (and by all, I mean 2) and I just never bothered finishing it. So it might go away or stop working at any time but you are welcome to try it out and see if it helps you track duplicates.

In reference to colors, I understand, most people will have more incomplete sets than complete ones, so it's better to highlight completed ones. As for color, I thought about Red because it can somewhat be a bit different than black when printed, but I suppose any color will work since most people use color printers (now that I think about it..) And I doubt a lot of people print and make marks on the list like I do, any color would be fine.

I didn't quite understand what you meant by name parameter? I tried it, yes it creates a new list but when you go back and save or create a new link, it creates with "share" name again, unless you keep using the same link. While this might work for duplicates for some people, it's still not a easy solution for most, keeping track of both in same browser. I would try two browsers, maybe explorer for duplicates and chrome for main collection.

No matter what, even if you don't change a thing (other than adding new minis) it's still amazingly useful, invaluable to Minis collectors.
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  • drewbenn
Wow! Updated colors look great. Thank you drewbenn.
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  • drewbenn
Hi drewbenn,
Just received two sets not listed on your website.

I think there will be two more sets released soon, I'll keep an eye on them.
I am not taking these out of packaging until you add them to the list Smile
Hi Drew,
Are you are waiting for the series "Aquatic" in order to list them by their individual names (for example Starfish, i/o Aquatic Thomas)?
I don't see Jellyfish Iron Bert listed (part of same pack as Starfish Thomas and Cargo Car Snake)
Night Time victor picture doesn't match the package.

[Image: a675ee7068a65e787ab3a1a61c17de87.png]

Also for reference:

[Image: b23fcf8c1fa477e63588525fda6f3cf4.png]
Thanks, I'd used the wrong picture. I've fixed it now (though it may take a while to show up correctly depending on how your browser caches images).

Jellyfish Iron Bert is 97 Aquatic Bert in 2017/1.

I do plan to continue listing the aquatic engines as Aquatic (just as I list "Alien Paxton" as Space Paxton). So far, the only places I've listed individual names instead of group names are the affiliated engines DCSF, SpongeBob and Tootsie (DCSF and Tootsie both reusing engines for different affiliated characters), and Core Moments (because that label is pretty unobvious: I wouldn't expect even a long-time Thomas fan to see a black-and-yellow James and think, "Core Moments!" (though I do sort of regret not using the group name and may change it in the future)).
Thanks, at first I thought they were different engines, now I understand.
It's funny about Bert. In one series FP labels him as just Bert then in another it's Iron Bert.

2017/2, NA

I don't know if the numbers are missing or if they were skipped, but here are the numbers on blind bags so far, I will update you when I open them:





Hi Drewbenn,
Confirming your 2017/2 except 40 in NA because 40 wasn't in the box.

40 Hiro

50 Millie
61 Construction Toby
64 Monster Troublesome Truck
68 Animal Dash
70 Paxton
101 Animal Percy
123 Special Edition Thomas
124 Andes Gordon (Tootsie)
125 Edward
126 Aquatic Spencer
127 Henry
128 Charleston Charms Diesel (Tootsie)
129 Diesel 10
130 Charms Rosie (Tootsie)
131 Belle
132 Space Scruff
133 Aquatic Ben

68 Animal Dash looks more like Night Time Dash if that was nighttime dash. Is Animal Dash supposed to be a different engine?

[Image: 2f5e2ebb76bad23832a2320f3f661c82.jpg]
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  • sunhuntin, Reivax
That's definitely night time dash. The one that came in the 3-pack with peacock Millie. According to the one wiki there's 7 animal trains (including the snake cargo) in the animal series and no dash animals.
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  • drewbenn
(02-17-2017, 09:55 AM)Pablo392 Wrote: Hi Drewbenn,
Confirming your 2017/2 except 40 in NA because 40 wasn't in the box.


68 Animal Dash looks more like Night Time Dash if that was nighttime dash. Is Animal Dash supposed to be a different engine?

Great, thank you! I've updated my page (showing Hiro as unavailable in North America until someone tells me something different). May I use your picture for the missing pictures on my page? It's nice when they're all in one place like that Smile And like Reivax said, I just had it wrong, and I've corrected it to Night Time Dash.
[-] The following 1 user Likes drewbenn's post:
  • Pablo392
Absolutely, no problem. If you need more pictures in same format, let me know.
In case you can use the picture(s).

Attached Files Image(s)
Hi Drew,
For some reason, when I save my list and go back to it, some of the collapsed lists get expanded, they don't remain collapsed. Is it just for me (maybe my browser) or have you heard anyone else having same issue?
*cough* yeah, I know what the problem is. I've actually been aware of it for a while. The "list of collapsed tables (waves, blister packs, etc.)" is stored in a 32-bit bitmask, just like how each individual table is stored. But there are more than 32 tables now! So after the 32nd table, the 33rd table "loops" around and takes up the same bit as the first table.

To fix it, I need to separate it out into 2 or more lists. At first I thought it would be pretty easy but I ran into a couple hiccups and just kind of put it off for a while. I still plan on getting back to it, and getting it fixed.... sometime.....

The workaround is to collapse/expand the tables at the end, _then_ set the first 3 or 4 tables the way you want them. At least, that usually works for me....

Sorry Sad
No problem, it really is fine. It could be a huge job, or maybe a simple table restructure, but maybe you can offer to collapse years at a time as nesting tables, not sure if this is even possible if you are limited to 32 of them at any given time. I figured this way maybe the years can stay collapsed even if the sub-table stays expanded due to some kind of limitation. I am sure you already thought about these, but it's still perfectly usable.

Also, maybe it's my aging phone, but the website seems to hang for a while before it can be responsive on Chrome on Android 6.0.

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