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What did you do to your trains today?
Nice! While the short TrackMaster brake van that came with engines like Ferdinand is a near perfect match for the narrow gauge ones, this is even closer since it depicts one of them. I think some truck length NG coaches would also look more faithful than the official ones (which are just repainted Branch Line coaches). Looking forward to seeing it sanded and painted.

P.S., the lighting made me think you fixed Rheneas' colour for a moment. He should perhaps be repainted (or bleached) at some point to make him look a bit closer to orange.
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I had completely forgot there were official narrow gauge style brake vans until after I made it to be honest lol. I was thinking of making some shorter coaches but I don't know if I want to use trucks as a base, I was thinking maybe the base of the green flatbeds from the freight car set that I seem to accumulate 6 more of every time I buy something from Japan... Not sure about the smaller wheels though, maybe I'll also model the truck base so I'm not taking away from my truck supply.

Might also adapt the brake van or design something else to use the Trackmaster 2 rolling stock base, I don't run any TM2 rolling stock.
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I don't know if you take suggestions or not, but remember those little green and red open wagons at the Blue Mountain Quarry (with the logo on them)? You could probably design something like that with the TM2 chassis, since they seem a fair bit shorter than the engines.
Model trains or TOMY? Huh I don't know, I just don't know.
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Very nice 3D print Duck. What other kinds of 3D printing have you done?
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Here it is all painted up - I ended up keeping a lot of the ridges from the printing process, both because I couldn't find any sandpaper and because I thought it might look like woodgrain. I also printed another at a higher quality setting overnight, I think I'll go for blue on that one.
[Image: IMG-20200809-195703.jpg]

Mm, I like the idea of the small shorter Blue Mountain trucks on the TM2 bases, good idea. I was also thinking of doing the small narrow gauge breakdown train.
[Image: The-Old-Bridge8.png]

Super - I've only done a little, I just got my printer (an Ender 3 Pro) in the mail last week. First thing I did was a Talk n Action coupling replacement, and then a replacement funnel for the giant Thomas.
[Image: IMG-20200806-085117-01.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20200807-160753.jpg]
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That TnA Coupling looks great. Did it fit and work properly?
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
After about 3 generations, yes!

[Image: IMG-20200810-113912.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20200810-113859.jpg]
Fits in good and it has the right range of motion
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That is fantastic work Duck. It looks like that Thomas could use some reproduction Thomas Stickers from Custom Trackmaster.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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  • DuckGWR
Yes, that Thomas certainly needs some TLC!
Here's a little scene with both brake vans, I never considered using the TOMYTrains engines as the normal gauge counterparts to Plarail/Trackmaster narrow gauge engines before, but I think it works surprisingly well.
[Image: IMG-20200810-140956.jpg]
I think I'm going to work on truck-chassis size narrow gauge coaches next, I don't have any TM2 chassis to hand to work off of for my other ideas.
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Both those Vans look great Duck. I love the dull finish on the blue one, was that intentional?
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Yes, I was aiming for a dull blue, and I wasn't expecting to get as nice a blue as I did to be honest.

I have a coach top replacement for a standard troublesome truck chassis printing overnight
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