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2014 Trackmaster redesign
Here is a video I wont say too much here not too happy with these releases, they run on 2xAAA batteries now too. So if they discontinue the current range I wont be making any more custom Trackmasters as they will be hard to replace in good condition (as second hand toys usually are). Sad really should we be buying up all we can before they are gone?

Are they using the same chassis for every locomotive?


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Thanks Ucwepn

Wonder if they ran the 2 AAA batteries in parallel for 3volts and thats where it gets it speed? Why else would they run 2 AAA's? If they ran them in series for a longer lasting 1.5volt why would they replace the 1.5volt AA? Sure would be nice to know the thinking behind the changes.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
yes it would be parallel for sure making 3v its the cheap way out, they already had the tooling for 2xAAA holders but I can't recall which loco had it off the top of my head. These locos look terrible especially Henry and Edward and the fake middle wheel appears to be a sticker now. They also have the sheer audacity to state "more realistic" on the packaging.
I'm stocking up on the original trackmasters before they are gone Shame they are replacing them with those crappy things! What dirty objects ! *james reference , wink wink* Smile
From Thomas To Today's Modern Diesels, They're All A Part Of My Rail-Yard!
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On a happier note I swung past my local target today and they had the latest batch of pre redesign single engines, engines with car/tender engines and the porter series of greatest moments, Hopefully this is not the last batch we will see of regular engines with the new stuff now out in the world, time will tell. They were all in the newer type of blister on card packaging except for the greatest moments Wink I must remember to snap a photo next time.

Spencer, Molly, Stafford, Hank. In the tender engines/with car.

Luke, Freddie, Dodge, Rosie, Sir Handel, in the single engines.

Muddy Ferdinand, Duck's close shave, Porter, in the greatest moments.
Gosh, I have had a pretty hectic day online updating the TrackMaster Wiki with all this new stuff coming at us, and the annoying thing is that we don't know the names of some of these products! So I am a little disappointed at some of this. I suppose the only thing I do like is the shortened tenders, but it's weird, and even weirder that all of the brown track things we were so used to are now all yesterday's stuff. Transitions are annoying times.

Here are the new Greatest Moments Tale of the Brave packs:



Now Marion is meant to be coming out, but this pack featuring a shocked James with a Yellow Truck and cargo from Tale of the Brave is in its place:

In the non-special series:

A pack with Flynn and a hose truck with trailer:

A pack with Scruff and two new garbage trucks:

And a new engine. I think it's Logan as his description is a steam engine who looks like a diesel:

The Cargo and Cars are still going, but their see through packaging has been replaced by an artwork covering the box instead:

This is Rail Repair:

I cannot tell on the box what this is called but all the loads form a crane:

I've noticed that the two or three sites with these planned orders seem to be called "TrackMaster Revolution" in the order titles, but I would've called it the "TrackMaster ReMaster".

Another thing. The redesigned engines look like they could've been even more different. What you see here is what you get in the box:

But this image here shows something else, which must've been a prototype. The on/off switch was going to be replaced by a button. Perhaps there were some complexities with the rest of the motor and shape that made the button idea scrapped.
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Thanks for the update, makes me quite sad though. I also don't think there will be a Marion if james is in there, they always release Greatest moments 3 engines at a time.
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  • Trackmaster-Rail-Yard
Yes I'm also inclined to start buying out the remains of the Thomas area at the city Myer.
The community is clearly divided mate, I am going to grab a current engine tomorrow and some more next payday too if i want to keep customizing I need to get allot so I can keep an original example of each. give it 24 months and they wont be in stores anymore.
I will stock up on the old, like I got toby and a few normal ones yesterday, but I will try the new ones. They look appealing, but I dunno . I have yet to have one
From Thomas To Today's Modern Diesels, They're All A Part Of My Rail-Yard!
Reading what you all have to say of what Trackmaster has done it looks like there will be a big boost in sales for the Tomy/Plarail products. What do you think?
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
unless TOMY/Plarail becomes readily available in a retail environment, people (kids and parents) will take the readily available option that being whats on the shelf in front of them rather than waiting 2 weeks for mail order. That's in my experience from allot of peoples comments on my video as they see TOMY/Plarail as out of reach, also Trackmaster have a fiercely loyal following due to being American (but really in name only). It will continue to divide the community, I got in a nasty argument last night on facebook after I said I don't like the look but I will buy them and review them anyway I was called all sorts of names including a hypocrite by loyal fans who were very emotional and defended the new designs lol.
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[Image: laughter.gif]

Sounds like a lot of youngsters must be on that Facebook page...either that or a bunch of adults acting like children. These are friggin childrens toys for petes sake.

[Image: forehead-slap-smiley-emoticon.gif]
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Yes many children and some people with medical conditions also as they seem to relate well to Thomas, one argument they used were "These are toys for children!" I was offended by that and sprung to the defense of adult collectors and players (also discerning parents) wanting the best product that can be produced to be what they release, not this cost cutting rubbish.
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  • HankAmericanEngine
[Image: smiley-lol.gif] Exactly why I don't participate in the so call social media.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]

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