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Cookies: I am supposed to ask your permission to put cookies on your computer. However a cookie is put onto your computer as soon as you visit the site, so asking for your permission is impossible!

The guidance states: Implied consent is a valid form of consent and can be used in the context of compliance with the revised rules on cookies. So the way I interpret that law is that you have consented to the use of cookies simply by visiting the site! Yep I know it's a daft way of looking at it, but by making this statement it's the only way I can see to abiding by the law, and ruling out any complaint against me.

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GDPR: I don't have to tell you about The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as BluePlasticTracks is not an organization or business and it has no income, however I thought I would post some Questions and Answers.

Q: What personal data does BluePlasticTracks keep in the database?
A: #1 Userames #2 Email address #3 IP addresses #4 Profiles #5 Posts #6 PM's #7 Avatars #8 Personal notepad #9 Likes.

Q: Is my personal data safe?
A: That depends on how much you have shared. For example your Username, Posts and Avatars can all (with the exception of member only boards) be seen by the public and search engines. Your profile can only be seen by those with more than 5 posts (this excludes the parts you see above your posts). Your Email and IP can only be seen by one administrator (Me). Your PM's are only seen by you and the person you send them to and your Notepad is only seen by you.

Q: Why is this data kept?
A: Without it there would be no members, no posts and no forum. For example when you join and choose your location in your profile it is stored in the database, as is your posts, etc. The whole forum is stored in one database on a server and only one administrator (Me) has access to it

Q: Will BluePlasticTracks do anything with my data?
A: No I will never give access or sell it onto anyone (the exception being if required to do so by law, but even then I wouldn't give it easily). 

Q: Can I delete my account and be forgotten?
A: Our sign up agreement does say "You agree your account can not be deleted without exceptional circumstances" I will however review each case as requested on a one to one basis.

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Funding and Registration: BluePlasticTracks is funded by a private individual (Me) and is not registered as an organisation or business. Although we do run advertisements to help pay for hosting. 

I hope the above information has helped, if you have any other questions please contact me on the forum or use the contact form.

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