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Tramps N Gauge
Wow Tramp, that looks great. Can't wait to see what your vision is for the grain tower and tunnel. The ballast looks good and so real. What is that, some kind of paste that hardens so its not loose and would fall off if you moved the portable table?
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Hey thanks super, it's just a bag of 'fine' ballast you pour it on and smooth it with a paint brush, then you drop a little watered down pva to glue it in place,

I've not updated this in a while but I have been beavering away at it,

This is the layout now
[Image: 1E20F6BD-F8D0-4A99-BB02-697191FACCC5_zpsxeetg9ul.jpg]

And I've been working on my leds lighting
[Image: 14101E2B-896C-4009-9B2C-1B0899C451C0_zpsikuhzfut.jpg]

[Image: 7635F260-B552-42B3-BDA1-D0860D4E40FD_zpsvphuqpqg.jpg]

[Image: CEE8CA3F-00A6-4CBF-A173-41F1AC72B77E_zpsgouwtgid.jpg]

[Image: 6C965670-D9A3-477D-B8D7-60E6AD64DC72_zpslhgnesvg.jpg]

The looms are just the same as my carriage LED's except this time I use X1 56k resistor in series with x4 yellow SMD leds which are in parrallel) which I supply with a 9v pp3 battery

[Image: FE623F5F-2B4D-4EF6-80A5-C8C0B8B5B622_zpswlygafmu.jpg]

I also found an engine I had lost a long time ago,
[Image: 7ED25342-9915-4161-88AB-B1247C7F45AB_zpsrjkibwm2.jpg]

And my dad lent me his old set so I could give it a run, his layout is old old old and needs serious work
[Image: 77760F95-0E35-4DA7-B386-4ED15ABB5294_zpsq5hlzxw1.jpg]

I have a few more buildings to illuminate and I want to motorise the headgear on the mine winding wheels
Looking fantastic!
Very Cool!
looking good, tramp
my website address has changed:
I see you have worked your electrical lighting magic Tramp. Progress looks great. I especially awesome detailed lighting on the grain tower. I know its not a grain elevator but I forgot the correct term. Getting close to doing the landscaping. [Image: winking-thumbs-up-smiley-emoticon.gif]
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Well nearly 2years since I last looked at the layout and the mojo just came flooding back!

I pulled out the layout from the garage wall ripped the resistors out of the wiring looms for the buildings and order a dc-dc voltage convertor,

One thing that bothered me (when I lost the urge) Was that I was going to have to redo all my wiring looms, after some testing I found that I was putting too much current through them and basically cooking the resistor. I Considered leaveing them as they were but after running them for a length of time the resistor turned out to be quite a fire risk! I knew it was going to be a painful job changing the looms as they were so damn fiddly to solder and I knew I didn’t have much spare cable tail left.

So the loom work was my first job only one building loom couldn’t be saved (the winch house) so now it has a replacement single led in, instead of the awesome 4led loom it used to have - oh well.

[Image: R1BAfh.jpg]

So today, me and my son played trains for a bit, we then drilled a few holes for the cables to run from the buildings down to under the base so the buildings can be illuminated,

[Image: 5_B59_E4_F4-6808-4_DC7-_B291-_AD6464973_D9_C.jpg]

Then I looked at the winding house, ideally when it’s all finished I want the colliery head gear wheels to turn, one forward one backward, the cabling runs to the winding house where (in a real colliery) the motor lives, in this I was going to struggle to fit the motor in without obscuring the led, so I decided I just wanted the cable to loop in and out of the building. Because of where the cable runs in and out it was going to be difficult to mount a pulley so I opted to have a guide for the rope. I decided to use a bit of automotive copper brake pipe, I flared both ends that way I could ensure it was lined up with the rope guides cast onto the side of the building

Here was guide before I fitted it
[Image: C16921_EE-_ED0_B-47_B5-_B567-9_C79_A4609_EE1.jpg]

The guide fitted (I just used a hot glue gun to glue it in position)
[Image: B26284_B2-_C1_D3-4807-9528-_E053_D5_A2_F01_C.jpg]

And with the cable ran through it,
[Image: 2_AFCF305-0677-4_DE9-_B485-1_FBDE4_CDB12_C.jpg]

The motor that will turn this cable will be under the base board

I’ve also been thinking about my controller, I have a single dc controller that came with a graham farish set, the problem I have is that when I run my class 20 and any of my other locos (with the single controller powering both loops) the class 20 is much more responsive, to set the ‘other’ loco to a suitable speed the class20 is rocketing around, & if I set the speed right on the class20 the other loco doesn’t run. To overcome this I think I need two controllers, I was toying with the idea of making the display battery powered using a 12v battery and radio controlled car speed controllers (PWM controllers) If it was battery powered I wouldn’t have to mess about with trailing cables then every time we wanted to play trains & I’ve already got most of the parts,

Thanks for reading
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I am always amazed at your electrical configurations Tramp and I am excited to see that you have the juices flowing again to work on this and look forward to see your progression.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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