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Custom silver plated Thomas
I have an idea about making a custom silver Thomas, and I have figured out a way to do it. First replace the blue Thomas wheels with black wheels from a James. Then pull off the smoke box and spray paint the model with VHT chrome rattle can paint. Then use clear decal paper and print out the Thomas decals on it. Cut out the decals and put a sticky backing on it. When the VHT paint dries put the decals on the body and reassemble the smoke box. Then put the body back the chassis with the new black wheels. I have not tested the idea yet although I will be doing so. Any thoughts or ideas? Huh Big Grin
If it ain't motorized I don't want it!       Cool Big Grin
Sounds like a plan G-fan. Go for it!
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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  • gordonfan01
(12-09-2018, 03:44 AM)gordonfan01 Wrote: Then use clear decal paper and print out the Thomas decals on it. Cut out the decals and put a sticky backing on it.

Shouldn't need to put a sticky backing onto decal paper, (I'm assuming it's waterslide decals).
I believe ModThana did something like this with Thomas, right? It looked like a factory production if I recall.

Found it..
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  • Muddy Poppins
I did not even realize someone else has done this... I will still probably do this anyway
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  • ripley802
There’s a process called vacuum metalizing that’s used to chrome plate plastic parts. I believe that’s what Mod Thana used for his custom and there are often companies who will do it for you. Here in the US at least, there were people who would do it to order for folks restoring old toys or plating model kit parts. I’m not sure who currently offers this service but it might be worth typing it in your preferred search engine.
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  • Super
Wouldn't that be nice for a Member here to find someone who did that at a reasonable price. Just think of the neat customs that could be made. I envision a custom train that isn't necessarily totally plated but just certain parts of a train to highlight areas. I hope someone finds a place and let us know. Of course this would only be for personal use and not for someone who wants to sell and make profits off it.
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  • Off The Rails, Muddy Poppins
I remember seeing ads for vacuum metalizing services in the old Scale Auto Enthusiast magazine way back before they were bought by Kalmbach and the internet was made up of hardcore computer geeks hanging out on BBS forums.

I’m not sure about how prevalent these services are now since that was back before some rocks had been formed!
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