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How Many Motorized Road Vehicles Are There?
Since we haven't been able to locate a site that shows all the Motorized Cars and Trucks that Tomica, Plarail and Tomy made throughout the years. I thought a Member created research List showing what we all have or one that we came across. Names and dates would be helpful too. These come in various branding like, Tomica World, Motor Tomica, Tomy/Tomica, Tomy, B/O Tomica. This may end up a great tool for those interested in the variations which I think are interesting.

Please do not Post Listings from the Online Auction or Sale sites or just a picture of your entire collection, Lets just keep it to individual Pictures and Discussions only so we can compile a true list. What we are looking for is all the different ones so if you have picture of one not listed here in a Post we would be interested in that. Maybe we can assemble a complete list of all that was ever made eventually.

****Courtesy of Member LeylandVictory2 who found a couple of Web pages with Lists of Motorized Vehicles.****

Also, if anyone has a vehicle that is in better condition than any one pictured in the list, please Post an individual picture so I can replace the picture in the list with one that is in better condition.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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  • sunhuntin, Finno, chrisjo
I know there are tons more so please help and post something different. Eventually I will compile and show all individual pictures here in this Post as everyone adds to the list. This is going to be interesting.

Atlas Dump Truck 1993 (A-10) - B/O Tomica                                                                                                             
[Image: 77241302vfzqv7775.jpg]      

Crane 1995 (NO-07) - B/O Tomica
[Image: 23cbzhe4290.jpg]

Shell Tanker 2004 (L-04) - Tomy
[Image: xoryh91767.jpg]

Doraemon Refrigerator Truck 1993 (A-17) - Motor Tomica
[Image: xqdvs1304245.jpg]

Nissan Skyline GT-R Red 1992 (NO-17) - B/O Tomica
[Image: 73pc2kzd1409614.jpg]

McDonalds Nissan Atlas 1993 (NO-08) - B/O Tomica
[Image: bhks9z148631.jpg]

McDonalds Atlas Panel Van 1993 (A-04)- Motor Tomica
[Image: 001.jpg]

Marine Liner Set 2004 (E-04) - Tomy
[Image: 006.jpg]

Zoo Bus 1993 (TW-03) - Motor Tomica
[Image: 009.jpg]

Police Car 1992 (TW-01)- Motor Tomica
[Image: 012.jpg]

Ambulance 1992 (TW-07) - Motor Tomica
[Image: 018.jpg]

Pajero Silver 1992 (TW-11) - Motor Tomica
[Image: 015.jpg]

Sports Coupe Black 1992 (TW-13) - Motor Tomica
[Image: 021.jpg]

Nissan Skyline GT-R Purple 1992 (A-05)- Motor Tomica
[Image: 024.jpg]

Sagawa Container Truck 1995 (H-04) & 2004 (B-05) - Tomy
[Image: 027.jpg]

Container Truck 2004 (F-04) - Tomy
[Image: 029.jpg]

Dump Truck 1993 (TW-9)- Motor Tomica
[Image: 049.jpg]

Nissan 300ZX 1992 (TW-06) (NO-01) - Motor Tomica
[Image: 052.jpg]

Taxi 1992 (TW-08)- Motor Tomica
[Image: 051.jpg]

Fire Engine 1993 (TW-10) - Motor Tomica
[Image: 050.jpg]

Subaru Legacy Blue 1992 (A-01) - Motor Tomica
[Image: 4l8fuvc138269.jpg]

Toyota Crown Majesta Taxi 1992 (B-06) - B/O Tomica
[Image: 02379454mi0gbw7278.jpg]

Subaru Legacy Whit 1992 (A-01) - Motor Tomica
[Image: 94ndk2127633.jpg]

Japan Road Patrol Car 2004 (D-05) - Tomy
[Image: 0fgt7cj393284.jpg]

Yurikamome Bus - Motor Tomica
[Image: yymv381842.jpg]

Sea World Bus 1993 - B/O Tomica
[Image: fk4etv1421862.jpg]

Nissan Atlas Cosmo Oil Tanker 1993 (NO-08) - Motor Tomica
[Image: 45391270ac6hlt178201.jpg]

Bus 1993 (NO-09) - B/O Tomica
[Image: 9gy3bcv2089112.jpg]

Toyota Estima 1992 (NO-03) - B/O Tomica
[Image: 963440tdldiw15078.jpg]

Nissan Fairlady Z Police Car 1992 (NO-01) - B/O Tomica
[Image: 18196rzienl1830672.jpg]

Advertisement Car 1997 (AM-2) - Motor Tomica
[Image: 9859igkxsw22458.jpg]

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 1992 (A-14) - Motor Tomica
[Image: 8vggtpk251417.jpg]

Koala Bus 1993 - Motor Tomica
[Image: 59mnjyjp1369437.jpg]

Thomas Land Bus (C-05) - Tomy
[Image: i-img600x450-1546988232iy3drc10217.jpg]

Toyota Town Ace (A-12)- Motor Tomica
[Image: 8303dfnw0q10533.jpg]

Mitsubishi Pajero Red 1992 (B-11) - B/O Tomica
[Image: 2400zqqthf1444644.jpg]

Toyota Estima Ambulance 1992 (A-11) - B/O Tomica
[Image: ihysa1303509.jpg]

Toyota Harrier 1992 (A-16) - Motor Tomica (Thanks Trainboy90)
[Image: 20181224-222950.jpg]

Volvo V70 1992 (A-20) - Motor Tomica (Thanks Trainboy90)
[Image: 20181224-222918.jpg]

Nissan Fairlady Z  300ZX 1992 White (A-09) - Motor Tomica (Thanks Trainboy90)
[Image: 15480552288553374466413023688145.jpg]

Atlas Dust Cart 1993 (TW-14) - Motor Tomica (Thanks Sunhuntin)
[Image: P1060625.jpg]

Honda CR-V 1992 (A-02) Motor Tomica (Thanks Sunhuntin)
[Image: P1060641.jpg]

Toyota Crown Majesta 1992 White - B/O Tomica (Thanks Trainboy90)
[Image: i-img600x452-1592980016sis0lb129.jpg]

Wagon Car 1992 Green (TW-19) - Motor Tomica (Thanks Chrisjo)
[Image: s-l16pp00.jpg]

Honda CRV (red wheels)  (B-20) Tomy
[Image: qwdyit2129742.jpg]

Doraemon Kindergarten Bus  (A-15) - Tomy
[Image: 80oqv437849.jpg]

Police Car  1992 (TW-02) Motor Tomica
[Image: 3205aff6-s.jpg]

Power Charger 1993 Motor Tomica
[Image: 025.jpg]

Ice Cream Nissan Atlas 1993 (No 08) B/O Tomica
[Image: i-img1200x900-15529672618mqxlu1495895.jpg]

Isuzu VehiCross (A-18) 1992 Motor Tomica
[Image: 91413horg8t12521.jpg]

Yellow Mitsubishi Pajero 1992 (No 11) B/O Tomica
[Image: 181513726.jpg]

Container Truck Green 2004 Tomy
[Image: 003.jpg]

JR Bus Kanto (A-07) 2004 Tomy
[Image: 005.jpg]

Disney Resort Cruiser (Version 1) Motor Tomica
[Image: 011.jpg]

Disney Resort Cruiser (Version 2) Motor Tomica
[Image: 005.jpg]

Doraemon 1992 Tomy Motor Tomica
[Image: 003.jpg]

TV Network Car (AM-1) Motor Tomica  1997 Tomy
[Image: 011.jpg]

Mitsubishi Pajero Fire Chief  B/O Tomica
[Image: 5enpgrh406167.jpg]

Toyota Estima (No-03) B/O Tomica 1992 Tomy
[Image: 012.jpg]

Garbage Truck Nissan Atlas (No-08) B/O Tomica 1993 Tomy
[Image: 003.jpg]

Car Transporter (T-01) B/O Tomica (Courtesy of Member Leylandvictory2)
[Image: tomica-tl-1-329.jpg]

Nozomi Trailer (T-02) B/O Tomica (Courtesy of Member Leylandvictory2)
[Image: tomica-tl-1-330.jpg]

Bulldozer Carrier (T-03) B/O Tomica 1996 Tomy (Courtesy of Member Leylandvictory2)
[Image: tomica-tl-1-331.jpg]

Private Taxi (C-06) Tomy 2004
[Image: 001.jpg]

Toyota Townace Noah (A-12) Motor Tomica 1992
[Image: 016.jpg]

Green Legacy (B-19) 1996 B/O Tomica
[Image: i-img640x480-1577527275vivgts392700.jpg]

Zoo Bus (B-14) B/O Tomica (Courtesy of LeyLandVictory2)
[Image: tomy1.jpg]

Tobu Group Bus (C-01) (E-04) Tomy 2004
[Image: DSCN0129.jpg]

Police Car (C-03) Motor Tomica 2004 (Courtesy of LeylandVictory2)
[Image: i-img600x450-159399834552zqhf7772.jpg]

Petrol Tanker (TW-12) Motor Tomica 1993
[Image: sg-l1600.jpg]

Enoden Bus (T-05) Tomy 2005
[Image: i-img1200x985-1595912865u81psv1779275.jpg]

Nissan Fairlady Z Yellow (NO-01) 1992 B/O Tomica
[Image: i-img1200x900-1592124371xdhxrp537008.jpg]

Mitsubishi Pajero Breakdown Van (TW-15) (Courtesy of Chrisjo)
[Image: TW-15-a.jpg]

R/C Tomica No. 1 TownAce Noah 1999 (Courtesy of Chrisjo)
[Image: 1-box.jpg] [Image: 1-a.jpg]

R/C Tomica No. 2 Toyota Harrier 1999 (Courtesy of Chrisjo)
[Image: 2-box.jpg] [Image: 2-a.jpg]

R/C Tomica No. 3 Land Cruiser Prado 1999 (Courtesy of Chrisjo)
[Image: 3-box.jpg] [Image: 3-c.jpg]

R/C Tomica No. 4 Isuzu VehiCROSS 1999 (Courtesy of Chrisjo)
[Image: 4-box.jpg] [Image: 4-a.png]
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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[Image: IMG-9166.jpg]
i need to excavate my wardrobe and dig mine out so i can see whats on the underside. will do that in a week or so, as off to aussie tomorrow.
my website address has changed:
I have:
Nissan Fairlady Z White 1992 - Motor Tomica
Volvo V60 Red - Motor Tomica
Toyota Harrier - Motor Tomica
Making Customs, Filming Videos and looking for the purest engines. That's how I roll here on Blue Plastic Tracks.

Also, if anyone has a vehicle that is in better condition than any one pictured in the list, please Post an individual picture so I can replace the picture in the list with one that is in better condition.

Do you think you have any that aren't listed above? Enjoy your time in Australia.

Is your Nissan Fairlady Z the same as the one pictured in the list above? If so is it in better condition than that one? Could you Post individual pictures of those 3 you have so I can add them to the list?
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  • sunhuntin
[Image: 20181224-222950.jpg]
A-16 Toyota Harrier

[Image: 20181224-222918.jpg]
A-20 Volvo V70 Red

[Image: 15480552288553374466413023688145.jpg]
A-09 Nissan Fairlady Z White

[Image: 15480552927543479453612530884688.jpg]
[Image: 15480553420861543956931916078272.jpg]
Underside of the three

Here you go Super
Making Customs, Filming Videos and looking for the purest engines. That's how I roll here on Blue Plastic Tracks.

these are what i have listed as motorised on my website. as i say, i need to dig out my wardrobe to confirm the print underneath.

nissan atlas dump truck
[Image: nissanatlas-1.jpg]

atlas dust cart
[Image: P1060625.jpg]

atlas tank lorry
[Image: P1060627.jpg]

atlas panel van, mcdonalds
[Image: P1060629.jpg]

subaru legacy
[Image: P1060633.jpg]

fairlady z patrol car
[Image: P1060635.jpg]

majesta [? could be wrong?] taxi
[Image: P1060637.jpg]

nissan skyline gt-r
[Image: P1060639.jpg]

honda cr-v
[Image: P1060641.jpg]

koala bus
[Image: P1060631.jpg]

nissan 300 z-x
[Image: P1060643.jpg]

green dump truck and ambulance. i havent listed the make and model of them on the site for some reason. presume the green is nissan atlas, not sure on the other.
[Image: tomicamotorised-1.jpg]

my website address has changed:
Here's more to add to the list:

[Image: i-img1024x768-1532856675xsb9k0441057.jpg]
Toyota Crown 1992 - Motor Tomica

[Image: i-img1200x793-1546424482iciywn739856.jpg]
Subaru Legacy Green 1992 - Motor Tomica
Toyota Estima Blue 1992 - B/O Tomica
Making Customs, Filming Videos and looking for the purest engines. That's how I roll here on Blue Plastic Tracks.

Wow, this is very helpful! I wish I could add to this list but I haven’t had much luck finding these vehicles, aside from some Thomas characters like Bertie.

Does anyone here know a history/ time line of these? They mostly seem to have been produced in the early 1990s but any idea when production ended and why Tomy stopped making them?
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  • Super
Can we have their numbers in their captions as well please, TW- or A- ?
Of those vehicles that you pictured the only ones that aren't already on the above List are the:

Dust Cart: which I have the bottom info on as I have one coming
Silver Honda CRV: we could use the info on the bottom

@Off The Rails
I am not so sure that maybe there are some of a more recent years. I sometimes think the the years seen on the bottom of these are not necessarily the year of manufacturing but the years the Trademark/Copywrite is granted. Which might explain the distance between the years of the early 90's to the early 2000's. I found it interesting that the 2 Silver Container carrying trucks that have 1995 on one and 2004 on the other and they are exactly the same. This could be deduced that 1995 was the last year the Trademark/Copywrite then renewed in 2005. At least this is my uneducated guess.

Thank you

Sure, I will work on it
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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  • Off The Rails
I guess it is very hard to find "N" batteries.  I only found "N" batteries in one shop (a watch repair shop).
They are plentiful here in the States and easily found at all the Big Pharmacy's, Office Supplys, Hardware and Home Improvement Centers. Duracel has them if you have a store the has one of those large displays. Since you are in Canada try searching for the batteries under the LR1 which is the same as N.

I also think that the E90 is the same as N size as seen here at Canadian Tire

According to the Energizer web site there are several numbers associated with an N battery
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
(01-22-2019, 10:30 AM)leylandvictory2 Wrote: I guess it is very hard to find "N" batteries.  I only found "N" batteries in one shop (a watch repair shop).

I ordered some cheapos on ali express

Hi All,
this is really cool. We have some of these (all are listed). we had the blue minivan but one of my kids was playing with it in the garage and it got run over when my wife got home in her... wait for it... minivan! 
[Image: IMG-4320.jpg]

the frame still works and runs, amazingly. but the body is a million pieces. ill grab some pics. But here are my questions:
* does anyone know if there are other Tomica bodies that would fit on the frame?
* and then, how the heck can you tell they are motorized when looking online??

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