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Wooden collection
My son and I have been collecting wooden trains since he was 2 and a half.  He's 7 now and has moved on to other interests, but Thomas definitely still has a place in his heart.  He asked me this weekend if we could get out all of his trains so he could take pictures and make a collection video.  He then asked if I'd post some pics on the Thomas Minis site (that's what he calls this forum, as we frequent the minis forum and still collect) for everyone to see his collection. Not gonna lie, just getting the woodens out again brings back a lot of good memories!

So here we go!

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Wow, were you surprised how large the collection is once you placed them all out? And isn't it the memories that these bring us the real reason we, as adults, love these hobby trains?

What has your 7 year old moved on to and have you made the video?
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Yes, very surprised, I think the count is up around 350 wooden trains. I was thinking around 150-200, but once he laid out all of his Thomas', and there were nearly 30 of just Thomas, I had a feeling there were more! There's also a bag of older stapled trains that we forgot to line up.

He was pure Thomas until he was 6, then moved to Pokemon and now Mario, so we're full on Nintendo now. He still wants to collect woodens, but it's hard for him to find ones that he doesn't have at Value Village, etc. I suspect he will get back into it at some point.

We've made quite a few collection videos over the past few years, but he says he's making them 'in case' he starts a youtube channel lol.
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LOL...every young persons dream...making millions on YouTube Wink
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yep, i'm 14 and i've been making youtube videos since i was 11!

you guys should check out my channel!
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