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Wooden Railway Customs
Does Anyone Have Any Custom Ideas For Me To Make?
Creator Of Upcoming Trainz Series; The Railways Of Lancashire

Should I name one or several?
Remember, Da-lag-stanator (not Dala-G-stanator).
go ahead and tell me them all!
Creator Of Upcoming Trainz Series; The Railways Of Lancashire

I've looked at your (massive) collection first so I could see what you do or don't have before suggesting anything. Apart from your OCs, do you also intend to make versions of existing items you don't have, or ones that were never made?

Update: You should make a thread for your own collection (preferrably including photos) so I could know what your actual options are, since I saw OttawaQ's and thought it was yours. My bad.
Remember, Da-lag-stanator (not Dala-G-stanator).
well i am thinking of making characters from the railways of lancashire. (albert and david from oliver, diana from diesel, ark from paxton, immingham from any 4-6-0 tender locomotive i can get my hands on, (has to have a belpaire firebox)
Creator Of Upcoming Trainz Series; The Railways Of Lancashire

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  • DalaGStanator
(03-21-2019, 03:23 AM)TheP725 Wrote: any 4-6-0 tender locomotive i can get my hands on, (has to have a belpaire firebox)

There are no wheel arrangements in Wooden Railway. The vehicles only have either four, six or eight wheels, and most of them have the same wheel size (diameter). Emily, Stephen, Flying Scotsman, Big City Engine and a few others also have one size larger, but that's it. Also, in cases where physical alterations are needed/recommended, don't be afraid to cut up other models and use parts from them (much more professional than using clay or something else that wouldn't fit).
Remember, Da-lag-stanator (not Dala-G-stanator).
i'll simply cut off the smoke deflectors off of big city engine and attach a fowler tender to him, then i'll paint the tender a lighter shade of green, and same with BCE. i'll also paint oliver light blue and paint his wheels black to make albert, and if i get a extra oliver, i'll make david by painting oliver red and painting his wheels black.

the reason i need a fowler tender and big city engine is because immingham is a LNER B4 class, and the B4 had tenders that somewhat resembled fowler tenders
[Image: 300px-Mexborough-Locomotive-Depot-geogra...Brooks.jpg]
Creator Of Upcoming Trainz Series; The Railways Of Lancashire

why is nobody replying?
Creator Of Upcoming Trainz Series; The Railways Of Lancashire

(03-23-2019, 11:43 PM)TheP725 Wrote: why is nobody replying?
To be honest, I got confused. For example I couldn't see any obvious connection between the Railways of Lancashire (aka London, Midland and Scottish Railway / LMS) and the locomotive 'Immingham', a London and North-eastern Railway (LNER) Class B4 (ex Grand Central Railway / GCR Class 8F), whose class operated (almost) exclusively between Yorkshire and London.

It would probably make things easier for the rest of us, who are less familiar with your subject than you obviously are, if you gave us a bit more information on the identities of Albert, David, Diana and Ark?  I started by Googling 'Diana', but gave up trying to figure out which 'Diana' you were talking about?
albert is a blue 14xx/jinty hybrid, diana is a class 08 in british rail blue, ark is a class 08 painted red with a yellow stripe (he's basically just paxton but red). david is a red GWR 14xx

and for your information, the company from the series is called the south lancashire railway
Creator Of Upcoming Trainz Series; The Railways Of Lancashire

I've just realized I mistook OttawaQ and his son's collection for yours, and that you don't have a thread for your Wooden collection. Sorry for the mistake.
Remember, Da-lag-stanator (not Dala-G-stanator).
I think I'm beginning to understand now. Albert, Diana, Ark, David, are all your own inventions, and have no grounding in reality other than what you've chosen to base them on? Likewise the South Lancashire Railway is not based on any actual railway in Lancashire, South or otherwise. Am I right? 

Incidentally there was an engine called Albert in Railway Series book number 41, 'Thomas and Victoria'. He was based on an engine that worked on the Furness Railway with his coaches Victoria and Helena. Part of the Furness Railway is preserved and still operational.
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  • DalaGStanator
Exactly. The Railways of Lancashire is his own T&F style web series he is working on, and these are his characters. He should've made it clear from the beginning. I do wish he would let us know what he has, so we could help him efficiently. Ark sounds like he could be one of the shunters at the Great Railway Show.

Albert was also a narrow gauge engine on the Mid Sodor Railway, who resembled Falcon (Sir Handel). He was one of several Awdry characters that didn't appear in The Railway Series, but models of them were made for Awdry's model railways. Elsie (Toby's luggage van) was another such character.
Remember, Da-lag-stanator (not Dala-G-stanator).
well part of ark's backstory was that in his younger years, he worked in bridlington in the 1960s. i have a theory that ark was the shunter that james spoke to in journey beyond sodor. keep in mind that the great railway show was in bridlington in the great race.
Creator Of Upcoming Trainz Series; The Railways Of Lancashire


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