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Talk N Action Powerful Gordon
Please take a look at my latest modification Talk N Action Powerful Gordon and tell me what you think!

Notice: No Locos or Coaches were injured doing the filming of this video.
Mike Arnett Customthomas
[-] The following 4 users Like Powerful Gordon Mike's post:
  • Super, ThomasFan3004, ThomasFan3004, Ucwepn
Looking good Mike. You have mastered the Angry Gordon Look Big Grin

Hoping you will use your talents and create new angry faces for other Thomas characters.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Thanks, I'm working on trouble trucks faces right now.
Mike Arnett Customthomas
[-] The following 1 user Likes Powerful Gordon Mike's post:
  • Super
Cool, will these Troublesome Truck Faces be 3D molded?
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
HI Mike
Have you considered offering Angry Gordon faces for sale to BPT members.
For some of us that will never afford a real one, having a Gordon on my shelf with an angry face would be awesome (even if I know he wasn't real).
Just a thought as you would already have the pattern / mould.
Love the Videos.
Yes the faces will be 3D. I'm currently working on the van's face in the background.

[Image: Screenshot-2015-12-30-17-01-20.png]
Mike Arnett Customthomas
[-] The following 1 user Likes Powerful Gordon Mike's post:
  • Super
I can't wait to see this face. Do you mold it in clay first?
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Great Modification Mike! can't wait to see your other modifications in future!  Smile
Thomasfan... you aren't going to believe this, but I forgot to put the Ben in the box with Donald and Douglas Snow Plow set. I was so happy about sending you the D&D that it just slipped my mind. Maybe I'll do another "Win a Ben" theme contest again, but ship another item instead of the Ben. Please let know when the D&D arrives!!! ?
Mike Arnett Customthomas
Ohno  Undecided  I really wanted that Tomy Ben with D&Dand of course I'll tell yowhen the D&D Arrives  Smile . but what now?  Huh maybe you can send Ben again to me? if that's not a problem...
No problem at all. I'm just a little forgetful now days. I'll send it to you very soon. Sorry for this inconvenience. PGM
Mike Arnett Customthomas
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  • ThomasFan3004

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