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Yes, these all seem to be the entire kit. Operation Good Eco 3 is a later revision since (most) new trains use AA batteries, though it now provides an adapter for the receiver to fit into a C compartment. There's even a Plarail Advance version (with a grey controller).

I still wonder how Ucwepn heard of it before he purchased his.
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From spending entirely too much time online researching things haha.
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I believe there is one specially designed for plarail advance.

Edit Mr Motorman M4 apparently is used for Plarail advance

more videos on Mr. Motorman
That was exactly what I stated earlier.

Bonus tip: I'm not sure if all versions have this, but: if you're running a steam engine, you can get a whistle by holding down the horn button.

Side note: if possible, I think these threads should be merged with this one and this thread renamed Mr. Motorman Discussion.
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Although not in English this newer video is pretty much self explanatory on the updated Mr Motorman. This unit is much better and more versatile than the 'C' sized Only one I have...I must get one of these to replace mine.

[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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Amazing! I never knew there was such a thing. This is much more versatile than the RC E5 set.
I'm ordering one from amazon right now.
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Did you order the one in the video above? Says #3 on the front of the box which I believe is the newest version. Please come back and let us know what you think of it Hy.
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@super Yes, I ordered the one in the video. I saw two versions of the 3rd gen Motorman, one has a blue controller, the other is green, which I believe is an environment-friendly version with only cosmetic differences.

[Image: 6079-F6-D2-8-D72-4-E49-BDAC-86-DF6-E200-FF4.jpg]

I’ll keep you updated.
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I have received my Mr. Motorman M3. I tried its functions and it operates exactly like the one in Super's shared video.

[Image: IMG-9265.jpg]

I took a photo and labeled some buttons, hope it will help. Some first impressions:

- The controller is very easy to hold, similar in size and weight to a gamepad.
- Pairing is simple, you keep pressing "select" until you see a green light, then press "set", but it seems you have to pair each time you turn the controller and receiver on.
- Because there's a switch on the battery receiver you have to turn on/off each time you play, there's the hassle of frequently opening the chassis.
- It's fast at top throttle, faster than a typical AA battery.
- According to the manual, you can enable/disable auto turn off, change volume, etc; It can control 4 receivers at the same time; the battery can be used repeatedly 300 times. charging is 40 minutes and playing time is 40 minutes.
The operation feels like a real locomotive (at least according to my limited experience with Derail Valley VR game  Cool )
- To start the train, you set the brake to B0, then advance the throttle.
- To slow down and stop the train, you set brake to B1 then to Stop.
- To reverse drive, you first stop the train, set throttle to N, release brake, then press or hold reverse button. (press once to reverse continuously, hold to reverse and stop) It would be more realistic if they use a reverser switch here instead of a button.
- However, it's not possible to set throttle back to N (idle) and let the train stop by itself. It will simulate inertia by running at slow speed, until you apply full brake.

According to the manual, the green version differs in the way the two handles operate.

[Image: 41-QR-fv-s8-L.jpg]
The left handle directly controls movement from stop to high speed. The right handle simulates different "gears", which I think also controls the range of speed. P2, P3 is recommended for climbing hills, pulling heavy loads, etc.

So basically the green version can be operated with one hand while the blue version must use two handles. One is easier, the other is more realistic.
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Fantastic Hy

Thank you for the tutorial and the Labeling picture as that will come in handy as I have one of these units coming. I think I had made some stick on labels for the original Mr Motorman that I have but your picture has more buttons labeled. Weird how that switch is different on the green one. I will have to see what the original has there.
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