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Regarding my username
I've realized that even after revising my signature to clarify how my username is pronounced, people still flub it in various ways when referring to me. I've seen "Dala", "Da-lag" and "DalaG" to name a few, but I actually based it on a recent trend with some aliases among the TTTE fanbase; the prefix "Da", the respective name and the suffix "Stanator". Some examples are DaWillStanator (a.k.a. MissOliverandBlossom), DaJoeStanator (Trainlover476) and DaSlickStanator (SlickDoodleGuy/SlickVideoProductions). laG is actually the backwards spelling of my surname (I could've been mistaken for a girl if I spelt it normally). Therefore, I'd rather be referred to as laG for short (with a lowercase L) or as IsraSud, the latter being the shortened form of TheIsraeliSudrian. My username will stay the same.
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  • Finno, thehsvdude
Got it - thanks for clarifying.

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