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60th Anniversary Best Selection Set - New Coupling?
I can't get enough resolution on this picture to attempt a translation, but it appears this new train (release July 2019) has a coupling that can be pulled out and rotated through 90 degrees. I'm guessing this is something like a conventional hook coupling, but if it's rotated to the horizontal another hook can be connected to it?

[Image: image.png]

At HobbySearch it says: 3両目にはカプラーが搭載されており、同種の車両どうしで連結走行が可能です, which is something like "Coupler is installed in the third car, and connection driving is possible with vehicles of the same kind".

Edit: I now see that on 26th April, jukiodaisuki said "The Red Flyner's coupler can be reversed to run the Red Flyner on six cars".  I'd like to see the actual mechanism in close-up.
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Maybe its just retractable to hook up with something else if one so chooses??? Turn it and push it in???
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
But jukiodaisuki  says if you buy two 3-car sets they will connect together, so even though they are identical, they connect to each other, and it's not magnetic.
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I guess we will know more when getting closer to July (I hope) I also hope that it will be offered in a 3 car set which I haven't seen or heard of yet, only that big set. If correct then 2 three car trains would be Tail to Tail coupled as from the pictures I have seen there isn't a coupler on the nose of the motored lead engine.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it just dawned on me...........doh.....................the reason it spins is so a 'Hook' from another tail car can be connected to the turned 'Hook' (hook to hook) of the other tail car (making that a coupler)...................doh! If correct then the 'Hook' on the Tail car is always visible.............would have to get rid of that whenever I get one. Wonder if that would be a new design of a hook or th body shell itself has a feature to make a regular hook spin....hmmm. If its the hook itself that spins that could be useful in other rakes of trains.

I can't remember if this set actually had a working display at the Tokyo Plarail Expo to get a better look.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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