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So now that I've got all of these beautiful used engines which I've been cleaning up I'm noticing some are a little loud. I'm sure that's the nature of these things but I'm wondering if they wouldn't benefit from a little lubrication on the main drive gear. I cleaned a good amount of oxidation off the batery terminals on several of them si I have a feeling they sa in someone's garage for a while. Anyway, I have white lithium grease which I've used on old Lionel engines. It's safe for plastic and I'd only put a little dab on. My only hesitation is that if they end up in the hands of children again Im not sure I want that grease there. Once again, I would only put a tiny amount on, but what do you think? Do you guys lubricate when you refurbish?
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The loudness sometimes comes from the gearing but can also be due to the type of drive system the train has. The 'Flat Drives' are notorious for being loud. Most gearing could use some lubrication but I only lube when I have a motor completely torn apart and I use R/C Helicopter White Lithium Grease made for plastic gears. With the motor opened up all the gears can be cleaned of the dust, dirt and hair and the gears and shafts can then be lubed. In most cases the engine will be quieter and run more smoothly. You are correct in not using too much grease as depending on where you run the trains would be a dust, dirt and hair magnet. With most of us, trying to quiet a noisy motor is maddening with trial and error with some cases not helping much.
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I agree the White Lithium Grease is what I use(d) as well. I found a large tube of this at Home Depot, for around $5 I believe. I don’t think would be able to have used it all even if I used it for ever motor I have seen. A little goes a long way in other words. I agree the gears and noise can be maddening. I have gone as far as cleaning every gear, the gearbox, re- greasing and the reassembly only to still have a noisy motor. Just part of it with some I think. The rocks and sand are the worst though on these. :-)
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You can also get Silicone lubricant in aerosol cans with a long tube for those difficult to get to places if you don't want to disassemble something. I use the stuff on my 3D printers for the moving parts, works wonders and is totally rubber/plastic/metal safe Smile
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