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Mini modification
Finno this will work for any “milking” stress marks on anything plastic.
It is a skill that takes practice though...
It only takes a split second.
Too close will scorch the plastic, too long will make it bubble.
The trick is the perfect distance for the minimal amount of time.
As soon as the milk disappears STOP!
Also though it doesn’t look or feel hot, the plastic is still reacting from the heat and it must be left to cool for a minute or two before you can touch it, or your finger oils will dull it’s natural sheen.
I would suggest bending a plastic pen in half and then figuring out the process on it first before attempting it on something important.

Also, I suggest the blow dryer or a heat gun if you’ve never done this, but I actually use my torch lighter.
ONE single split second blast directly on the milky area from about 2 inches away and it’s gone.
Play nice & have fun!!Smile
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