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Bachmann Daisy coming 2020
[Image: 25ptymf.png]
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I guess Daisy is still considered as a minor character therefore plarail/tomy/trackmaster didn't produce her. Ironically Boco probably started fewer episodes than Daisy on TV.
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And Peter Sam, though I would've expected Sir Handel first.

That's not the reason why she was never made (numerous characters that were even more minor have been released, including one-offs). However, Sidekickjason contacted HiT Toys before the Fisher Price era, and he was told that Daisy was planned but they couldn't decide whether or not to include rolling stock since she never pulled any (even though the same goes for Diesel 10, Lady and Proteus).
Maybe they should include a milk van since she was asked to pull a milk van but refused
My Trackmaster/Tomy/Plarail Photo Gallery Page (over 600+ photos and still under construction)
*"Should 'have included'". The idea was suggested in replies to the tweet (I would've liked her having both a milk tanker and a cattle van, referencing both "Daisy" and "Bulls Eyes").
milk tanker and cattle wagon already available in the series . the released wagons dont necessarily tie in with the engine releases like other ranges
Just a heads up to say LBSC Thomas , Busy Bee James and the 1 Plank wagons all now released
Does anybody know if Daisy has been released yet?
Call me Generic ...wait.
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(02-20-2022, 06:26 PM)generic_truck_69420 Wrote: Does anybody know if Daisy has been released yet?
Not yet, it seems.
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