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The Mother Lode
So remember when I first joined I was whining about a good deal that I missed? Well I made up for it today. I visited a lady who was having a garage sale and she had box after box of track, sets and trains. She asked me to make an offer, I only had a budget of $50, but she said no problem, take it all. There was so much it all most didn't fit in my car. I had to remove some items from boxes and dump them loose in my car just to make it fit but it was well worth. It'll take me quite a while to go through everything, clean it and see what's there. But I was a very happy boy today.

[Image: IMG-20190805-101637327.jpg]
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That looks like a very good deal for $50. Once scored a lot of engines which was 3 grocery bags full for around $80 at a garage sale. I resold most of them after making repairs for 3-4 times my initial investment. Garage sales are a great place for picking up large lots of things. Great job EngineerBob.
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Wow, fantastic find Bob. Anxious to here more when you get around to sorting it all out.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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Great lot there Bob, well done mate, I've had similar hauls myself in the past and it can be quite intimidating at first trying to decide where to start and what to keep etc... Smile
Happily collecting things all my life... Big Grin
swap meet aka flea market is also a good place to find bargains.
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Still sorting through my garage sale find. Can anyone tell me more about these?

[Image: 20190817-212439.jpg]
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Thats a good question Bob, I don't recognize them for sure. Are they the same size as the Tomy Blue straight and curved rails? Do they have any markings? I do like them. I wonder if they are either exclusive to a particular set or from a knockoff set.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
I have seen those before. They are the same size as Tomy Blue straights and curves, but they are knock offs. There are no TOMY markings on them from memory. I used them on bridges so it made them look more like a rail bridge, see through.
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Yes, they do seem to be knock-offs. No marking other than "Made in China" and the European certification logo"CE". Although they are the same size and shape the rails where the wheels ride have a light texture on them rather then the ribbing found on Tomy track. These four pieces were all I found. I like the idea of using them on bridges. I think I'll give that a try.
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They are not knock offs. They look like from Toy R Us' Imagariam (Sorry I can't spell) battery train line (first generation).

Edit: I found some images 

I did a small review on this set

The engine is too tall to clear Tomy tunnels plus easy to break.
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You are awesome, thanks for figuring that out. As I looked through the boxes I found the train from that set, or part of it at least and the remote. Still works. Also the tunnel and one of the blue overhead stanchions. By the way, there was a ton of the the new Trackmaster stuff (you know, the stuff I said I wouldn't collect) Anyway some of the sets are missing lots of pieces but some are complete or nearly so, I'm in the middle of building the "Mad Dash on Sodor' set but here's a picture of the sets I've managed to piece together so far. You can also see some of the Tomy stuff on the table that was mixed in as well. I still have to go through the HiT era stuff I think there's at least one set of that. I'm not sure how the family that owned this stuff fit it all.

[Image: Trains-so-Far.jpg]
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Thanks also did a review right here at BPT on this set Posted back in 2015

I must keep an eye out for some of these tracks as it sounds like a great idea to use them on bridges.

Holy Cow, there is a lot of stuff, wow, and there is still more?
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Yes, still more, but I think that is it for the mostly complete sets, including the 'Mad Dash on Sodor' which I just completed. There's probably a few more with major pieces missing so I won't bother trying to put them together. There's also the Super Station which is sitting on the Hot Wheels track right now and the Hyperglow station. As far as Tomy stuff goes there are more track pieces plus the Big Thomas that you can drive other trains through. That's pretty cool. And the Tomy Windmill although just the base is there, no windmill sadly. There are probably two sets in the tan track (HiT)as well. Honestly I got into this for the Plarail stuff but got pulled away by all of these good deals. They'll make a nice display for Christmas but I'll probably consider selling most of this Trackmaster 2 stuff off afterwards and use the money to invest in Plarail items. It does look impressive though...

And I must say, while I'm not really into "Stunt Thomas" there is something strangely satisfying about watching him make that two-foot jump and land back on the track. It wasn't working right when I got it, but polishing the rails with a little wax paper really has him flying.
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Anxious for Xmas (can't believe I said that) to see what you come up with for the Layout Bob
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