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Is it possible to use Bachmann Knapford station with TOMY trains & tracks?
I came across a Bachmann HO scale Knapford station on sale for ~$70 in China,. Although I don’t have an HO scale layout. I wonder if it can be used with Tomy tracks and trains? It’s much cheaper than a used Tomy version here (~$100+). Any suggestions?
[Image: 8044-CCAA-BF8-F-43-A1-A474-8-E3-C952-CFC1-D.jpg]
Good question Hy as in the past when I was looking around for adaptable buildings I was very much interested in this set. I imagined that it may work but there were a couple of things that held me back. One reason was the price as I couldn't find anyone selling a used, put together one to ask questions about and at a high price tag I didn't want to take a chance and find that it won't work after a purchase. My other reason is that it has 106 pieces and I didn't want to build something like that myself.

The measurements seems like it may work 10.5" wide x 26" long x 6.25" high. Just guessing that the track openings would work and the clearance of the clear dome panels too but its just a guess and possibly an expensive guess if it doesn't work. It would be cool if a member here has one and could try it out.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
That's a tough one. I just gave a way a bunch of bachmann track that's identical to the track used in the picture. I could call the guy i gave it to and find out the width, although it appears in the picture that the spacing is just a bit wider than the track, which is a good thing.

Track width is 1 inch and three quarters. Since Tomy blue track is one and a half it looks like you should be okay assuming the height is good. Although it's hard to be certain without a test fit.
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Thanks Bob.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Thanks Super and Bob. Based on what you said and some images I found, I think it'll work. Though I'm a bit concerned about its durability since it's a model kit rather than a toy. 

[Image: 028e867efb16826eaaa454757a557e2e.jpg]

I'll update this thread if I buy it.
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Be careful as the Bachmann model is known to have size/width issues . It works fine with all the Bachmann range but try and get selected Thomas Hornby models between and they will not fit ( Bill and Ben to name but two ) Although the blue track may not be as wide as the Bachmann ez track it is the width of the engines that causes issues
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