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2019 big show layout
this years model railway show is upon us, and john and i spent this evening setting up my display and his sales table.

this is the bed i bought back in march, in its final stage after much work by john building the inner structure to hold the protective perspex in place.

with any luck, the younger kids will be able to come right up and look without being able to touch. with even more luck, the engines will all behave and not have too many issues with derailments etc.

[Image: P1110654.jpg]

[Image: P1110655.jpg]

[Image: P1110656.jpg]

[Image: P1110657.jpg]

[Image: P1110658.jpg]

[Image: P1110660.jpg]

[Image: P1110661.jpg]
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[Image: awesome-smiley-emoticon.gif]

That is Awesome Sun, what a fabulous idea and your friend John made it perfect for the children to get close. I LOVE it!. I like how you chose to use colored track as using all blue would probably be overwhelming with the bed being the exact color blue. Now you have a ready made, one of a kind display to easily take to all your shows with the ability of changing the Layout within. Have you thought of maybe adding little twinkle lights to attract the children even more? It is absolutely fantastic Sun...well done. Please let us know how much the children and parents enjoy this at the show and give a pat on the back to John too!
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Holy cow, what a cool display!
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very nice. It looks like you screwed the clear plastic to the bed frame. Too bad the clear plastic can't be slide up and down easily for quick recover of derailed trains.
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Wow, I love this. So well done, a display piece that will really attract attention.
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Thumbs Up 
I do like the full Picture Tutorial on your Web Site Sun...
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Beautiful work Sun. Awesome
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thanks, all. the layout was a big success today, with only one major derailment early in the day in the very back of the display, and the hardest spot to retrieve fallen engines from. 3 engines hit the deck and required the removal of the cab roof in order to get them back.

the kids loved it, both young and old of all ages.

leyland, yes. john made wooden posts that slot into the base in all four corners, with a brace along the front. 3 sheets of perspex screw to the posts. hopefully next time we can hinge the small piece in the back window for events like the one mentioned to make rescue easier.
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Would have loved being there to see the children notice a huge Thomas across the room and run over for a visit.
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the kids reactions were great. thomas was facing the back of the hall, so it was more the layout that grabbed the kids than thomas himself, but once they realised, it was magic.

there would have been around 200 kids through over the 2 days, and out of them, i only had one lad of about 8 or 9 try and deliberately derail an engine. a growly voice soon moved him along.
my website address has changed:
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