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Road Vehicles Tyres
HI.  I was wondering if anyone had any ideas what to do when your Tomy Bertie or Bulgy stops climbing the hills.
If it has good tyres, no issues.  But waht happens when you have no tyres you can replace?
What do others do when this happens?
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Are the wheels slipping or is the motor not powerful enough? If its just slipping have you tried cleaning the tires and also the sloped road track? My suggestion would be to first try taking a rag with some rubbing alcohol to clean the rubber tire. Then take the track slopes and clean them with soap and water. You can still find new tire sets but they are expensive for what you get as I think they are no longer made but can be found on the Japan Auctions. Another option is buying cheap used vehicles and rob them of their tires
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
I have not tried it before, but what about slot car race car tires? The appear to be similar in size? Just a thought.
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I don't think the tires have a lot of trends to begin with. The road plates are smooth and ridge lines like the ones found on the blue tracks.

I suspect the problem has to do with the motor. Does it make a lot of loud noises?
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Thanks for the help.
IPA (rubbing alcohol) worked great and now goes up the slope, even at big angles.

Slot cars sound good, but all there tyres are smooth, well at least the ones I have) and this wont help get up the slope as they will slip.

The road plates are smooth, but the ramps have thick marks on both sides so the tyres have something to grip onto and go up. True the tyres done have alot of grip, but due to the track they don't need much, just enough to get up

Thanks again for everyones help.
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