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Plarail Emily Problem
Hi guys. I have been remaining inactive for a couple of months. Well, my Plarail Emily got a problem. Its just keep derailing all the time. I found out that in front, the body is lighter than the battery compartment in the tender. Any solutions for this?

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Just take any spare tomy/trackmaster weights you have and put them into emily.
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Thats one of the reasons I don't like any of the 'Push' trains with the powered Tenders. Is she derailing in one particular spot on the Layout or like every general curve or point?

I would agree with with Marc above in trying weights in the front of Emily. Also make sure her wheels are clean, especially on the sides and that those front axles move freely.
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I highly doubt Plarail designed slot for people to put extra weight on Emily's front.
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You don't need a slot that was manufactured in as if they did that then they would have added a weight themselves. No, all one would need is to open the shell and glue a weight in. I have done it on many trains including a Shinkansen that had a tendency to do a wheelie on the top of slopes and derail. I like to use a clear Silicone Caulk as glue because it holds well and if I want to remove the weights the caulk is easily removed.
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