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Fuses in non-TnA engines?
I've seen a thin bit of wire on a little section of PCB in Talk n Action engines to function as a fuse, but this summer I came across an earlier (white rimmed face, old dates) US Edward in a thrift store that had the same fuse arrangemet in the tender. Has anyone else seen this in early US (I'm guessing Tomica World era) or other normal engines?

[Image: IMG-20190503-150827-1.jpg]

The similarly old Henry in the same bag did not have it, and I never remember seeing it on any other Thomas engines, not that I've had every one I own open. Was this something Tomy may have thought was needed to sell the toys in the US to fulfill some US safety requirement on kids toys, and eventually the requirement was dropped or relaxed?
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I never heard somebody can get electric shock from batteries. Fewer wires are needed due to innovations?
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You couldn't get a real shock from a AA or C cell battery without... seriously trying to, but the fuse would probably be for a short circuit, the thin wire would burn up under high current flow rather than the battery
I didn't know about these until Mr Ripley and PGMike had talked about them in the TnA engines. I think that these fuse type wires were supposed to protect small circuit boards but I could be wrong about that. But if what you have pictures are from engines without any circuit boards I wouldn't think that the motors needed to be saved from a spike from a 1.5 volt 'C' battery.

I think PGMike had a video about him explaining and replacing one of these I will find it.

Ah, here it is...

[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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There was one in the tender of a UK Tomica World Gordon that I repaired the other day (replaced broken battery terminal). The scrap James tender from which I got the replacement terminal had one in it as well.
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