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Ye Olde Dark Blue Tomy Stuff - 90's
So I've been getting a little bit obsessed with the old Tomy Train sets and because they come up for sale second hand every now and then in Aus it's not too hard to collect if you are patient.

It's taken many months to get this much but a nice surprise in the last set I picked up I got a nearly mint Tomy Train Guide from the nineties (it just had a fold in the middle I had to press out). If anyone wants a pdf scan let me know.

[Image: IMG-20191031-181339.jpg]

First set: Tomy Train 1

[Image: Tomy-Train1-01.jpg]

[Image: Tomy-Train1-02.jpg]

Second set: Tomy Train 2

[Image: Tomy-Train2-01.jpg]

[Image: Tomy-Train2-02.jpg]

Third set: Tomy Train 3

[Image: Tomy-Train3-01.jpg]

[Image: Tomy-Train3-02.jpg]

Fourth set: Tomy Train 4

[Image: Tomy-Train4-01.jpg]

[Image: tomytrain4-02.jpg]

Various other Tomy Train items

[Image: 2019-06-27-2.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20190630-174513.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20191031-174503.jpg]

A few Stations including Train & Bus Restaurant with elevator

[Image: Stations02.jpg]

[Image: Stations01.jpg]

Tomica World Large Set 7421

[Image: IMG-20191031-174347.jpg]

Minus the bus unfortunately but got a nice Tomica World catalog if anyone wants a scan.

Thinking my next layout is going to be dark blue.
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While I’m not generally a collector of the dark blue track era Tomy trains, two very useful designs are the reversible locomotives and the Lego-compatible components. The tall, red bridge piers from this series are a favorite of mine.

Sigh.... I’m sorry I missed the Road and Rail era too!
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I can never get the locomotives to run.
My Trackmaster/Tomy/Plarail Photo Gallery Page (over 600+ photos and still under construction)
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Please...I would love to see a PDF Scan of that Catalog Finno

Wow, those sets look great, I am always amazed at how one can still find complete sets in such great condition. I love that Train & Bus Restaurant with elevator Station.

It seems to me that these dark blue vintage sets were much more available in the Australia/New Zealand area as it looks like they are being found so much there than anywhere else. I also feel as though the UK has quite a lot of these too.

Great finds Finno
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
(11-01-2019, 03:16 AM)Off The Rails Wrote: The tall, red bridge piers from this series are a favorite of mine.

I like those big red girders too. They had to be taller to allow the bigger sized trains to pass under.

(11-01-2019, 04:58 AM)leylandvictory2 Wrote: I can never get the locomotives to run.

I have a couple of dead ones I plan to take apart and try and fix.
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nice finno! those are in great shape, too. one of my favourite things about these old engines is the coloring of the gears. such a variety!

finno, i have a repair guide just in case you get stuck with what gear goes where:

super, copies of some old booklets can be found here: i love the old books, just wish they were easier to find in good shape.
my website address has changed:
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Thanks a lot sunhuntin. I will definitely check out your repair guide. I'm a bit of a newb at fixing these old trains so it will be helpful for sure.

I noticed you had the guide on your site. This one is almost the same but it's multi-lingual and has some variations. The best part is the back page has a list of all the parts with part numbers which is a nice reference if you are collecting. I will scan and share.
Here's the 1995 Tomy Train Guide - let me know if there's a better thread for this post.

[Image: Tomy-Train-Guide-01.jpg]

Download as PDF (24MB)!49wlGYZa!FRA5ZC8mfnoRJ...LmFcu32zWc

Download as high quality JPG's in zip file (27MB)!hlhw3K5B!ro4tq9VWg6EQ1...4WoMVli3cc

Here's the Tomica World Catalogue.

[Image: Tomica-World-Catalogue-1.jpg]

Download as PDF (14MB)!JooDjCAR!o2NMdzB1_i2pU...UVfsceFFz4

Download as high quality JPG's in zip (16MB)!0l5zWSTb!Si4_v72kGafX9...WeVr137YtU

Tomy Train 3 Instructions

Sunhuntin you can add these on your site if you like.

[Image: Tomy-Train3-1.jpg]

[Image: Tomy-Train3-2.jpg]
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nice, finno. i shall upload the instructions and give you credit. Smile
my website address has changed:
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Thanks Finno, I like looking through the Tomica World Catalog as its from the era of the motorized vehicles where it looks like every Tomica World set included a vehicle and road track. Do you see a year anywhere and what second language might that be...French?
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Page 2/3 top to bottom: English, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish.
Page 6/7 *7420: 'Not available in France or Benelux' in French and Dutch. (Benelux = Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg)
other pages similar
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Thanks Dr Chris

I always thought that Tomica World was an English speaking country's release but evidently I am wrong with all those languages.
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