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tomy run away thomas! boulder mountain
hello everyone.

It has been a long time for me since I visited last.

hope all is well with everyone. How have you all been?

I wanted to share a recent purchase. I always think I'm done with these toys. Not because i'm upset or anything. But because i do not know how much interest my son still has in them as he grows older.

Then the holidays start to come around... and of course- out of habit- I look at trains and such.
I start to see what I missed. Or what I chose not to get. How high the prices have jumped. 

Anyways, I decided to get this set.  It most definitely has references to the old  tomy thumper destination piece. It was for a good price and combine that with how neat this set looked...

well, you get the idea. I think in the past year, I have bought 1 train.

Now the thomas bug has bitten me again. A half a dozen train sets and several trains later....

My poor poor wallet<---pun intended.

anyways, I'm digressing again.

Does any one have this set?
'Show Us What You Bought'
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
i knew you would say that. i just got this a week ago and unboxed it last nite. my phone was charging this morning, so i couldn't take any pics.
[Image: IMG-20191117-193956-1.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20191117-194005.jpg]
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Was that a used set Trevor? I don't see the Thomas that came with it. From the videos I have seen it looks like one might have to chase down the boulder a lot as it doesn't always contain itself to the green U-Turn circle.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
hello super.

no it is not used. straight out of the box.

what is new to me... and i'm a little rusty here...

what is new to me is:  what i didn't know is : when tomy started to (let one) put stickers on thomas!
when did that start?

yes, you are right in the second question. and yet wrong- no offense.

the boulder is VERY contained. i apologize if i misinterpreted your question.

however, plarail always covers the details.

but! and here is the kicker!

in this "remake".
and it is a re-make.

plarail decided to make the "boulder"  extra large.
even with the fastest trains.....
very hard (for the boulder) to do a miss.

in other words... because the boulder is so large... that boulder is very hard to derail.
therefore: no matter what train you put on the track...
the boulder will hit its mark
A lot of the videos I have seen on YouTube showing this set in action shows the boulder not always being contained within the circle u-turn track causing the boulder to roll around the room.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
hello, sorry for not getting back sooner. bible study, basketball, judo, lego robotics, beauty and the beast, saxophone. oh yeah, homework and homework.

to answer your question... i guess that is possible. but kinda rare. usually, the boulder hits the train.
there have been many sets, over the years, that have had a boulder involved. those sets had less probability, because the boulder was smaller.

but, as usual, tomy covers many details.

Tomy made sure,  that several pegs were put in place to make the boulder move "accordingly". these pegs were folded into the design. very hard to notice them. In another words, the pegs are far from an eye sore.

but, just like anything, nothing is with a 100 percent accuracy. so i'm sure, it can roll beyond the track. but who cares.

but it is a very beautiful destination piece.

i just wish one had the choice to make the boulder roll or wobble.
many sets by Tomy gave you choices. I guess this has changed?
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