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shuttle train
I see that yours does say 'Made in Spain' with the words 'Tomy License' on it. My box looks exactly like the one shown at BigLobe but without the Plarail Banner. Also my instruction sheet is not like the one you Linked to on the BigLobe site. Its also strange that the Instructions there are in what looks like Japanese. Wouldn't that make it also released there? Also my box has the exact pictures on the side as your Spanish one.
[Image: 11111.png]
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Interesting, I just went down a Child Guidance rabbithole recently, they also made (or likely had produced for them) the Child Guidance Railroad series of toys, similar in scale to wooden trains but with different geometry on the track connectors and they didn't use magnets to connect rolling stock.
[Image: bd07bf11429929f21cc7aa98207dbd98.jpg]
Most of the sets had grey track, but some use a red very similar to the Shuttle Train set. Other companies either ripped the track system off or got the same manufacturer to make it for them too.

Interestingly this line also has a connection to Thomas, in the 80s Merit (another company who used the design at least once in the 60s) revived the track system to use in a Thomas set.

[Image: B27-Lid-UCYAEZqc-U.png]

Made in Japan... I wonder if TOMY Japan made it and Child Guidance handled releasing it in the US.
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The Duck fell into the Rabbit Hole... [Image: bouncing-for-joy-smiley-emoticon.gif]
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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Finally we have the clearest image update of this set in nearly unused condition which arrived straight from a old toy warehouse.

[Image: EU2p9-OFUw-AEUB8q.jpg]

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