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Very Vintage
I am not sure what this vintage street car is called but I have been wanting one For a very long time. Most that come up are in bad condition or are missing parts and the ones that are good go for a high price. What this video showed me is that I had no idea that the motor vehicle also had a crude bell system that sounds pretty good although might prove to be annoying after a while.

Anyone know its actual name and year of release? I am assuming it wasn't available for long considering you don't see them show up a lot.
Could the name be 'Yuenchi Motor'? and released late 60's or early 70's?
[Image: me1.jpg]

I really like the PlaKid size Handcart in this picture too although I am not sure if its an official PlaKid accessory...does anyone know?

[Image: l.jpg]
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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I love street cars, interurban and light rail, so this is totally my thing!
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The text on the box is ' ちんちんでんしゃ '. If you plug this into an online translator you might be in for a bit of a surprise.

However, more in-depth investigation reveals that this is literally a 'tinkle-train', or colloquially a street-car.

Greetings from sunny Tenerife by the way, time for another bottle I think.
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That is a weird translation but that explains why they call other trams like this a slang term for the same name. I wonder if by the term 'Tinkle Train' it means the tinkling of the bell?

Hey...wait a minute...didn't you just come back from the beautiful Canary Islands a short time ago Dr Chris? One would think you want to move there full time.  Cool
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